Texas Electricity Guide: Understanding Your Right to Choose Electricity in Texas

What the Power to Choose Your Electricity Provider Means for You

Previously, Texans obtained their electricity from a local company, which was frequently the only option in town. Utilities had no motivation to keep prices low or to go above and beyond for customers. Texas is now one of a rising number of states with a competitive energy market, allowing residents to buy power from retail electricity providers or suppliers. Competitive energy markets are sometimes known as deregulated energy markets. Customers benefit from a competitive marketplace because rival energy providers offer a variety of plans and tariffs, giving you the ability to pick between them.

What is Texas Energy Choice?

Energy choice allows Texans to choose their texas electricity rates source rather than being forced to buy power from the local electric utility. Energy provider competition can bring down rates, promote the invention of new electric plans, and enhance customer service.

Retail Electric Providers vs. Utilities in Texas

Constellation, for example, is a retail electric provider or supplier that buys power on the wholesale market and sells it to clients. The utility company is still in charge of supplying energy to your home, tracking your energy consumption, and maintaining the electric cables. With a variety of retail electric suppliers in one area, competition that would not be possible with a single utility selling power to homes and businesses is possible.

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