Best Alternatives to Repsly Retail Marketing Software

 It’s not easy to manage remote field marketing professionals. That’s where tools like Repsly come in to help. It helps field marketing managers and brand builders to manage their team workers at remote store locations to activate brands and boost product sales.

With this retail scheduling software, field teams get tools that help them view tasks, search for new opportunities, and optimize data collection. As a result, brands boost their shelf performance. Team leaders and managers can track assignments and train teams in real time. 

What happens when you can’t afford Repsly, or it does not suit your needs close enough? Thanks to innovation and technological advancement, the market has several needle-moving alternatives that might meet your needs. This article gives comprehensive details of some of them.  So, let’s dive into it!

1. Demo Wizard from Grapevine Marketing Solutions – Pricing starts from $89 (unlimited users) Free Version/No credit card

It’s an in-store sampling event management software designed to boost the field marketing efforts of brand builders, increase the number of in store demo events in brick & mortar stores, and increase the average E2P (Experience to Purchase) ratio of every store sampling event. As a result, retailers enjoy more customer traffic and product vendors convert more shoppers into loyal customers with a very effective Customer Acquisition Cost. 

This event management software will minimize your costs and boost your brand’s Marketing ROI through the Demo Wizard Schedule Maker. DW demos attract more foot traffic to physical stores, increasing their recognition and revenue.

It has simple-to-understand and execute features. The SUBMIT AVAILABILITY feature wows the team leaders, managers, and team members. Users indicate when available for assignments or consultations. 

Making calls, driving, or walking to a person’s destination to convey a message can be tiring and time-consuming. Right? The ONLINE REPORTING feature enables users to communicate with each other online. It saves time and money. More to it, you can use the platform to emphasize a point through photos, customer comments, and receipts. The feature allows information sharing between users in a fast and efficient way.

Do your Brand Ambassadors have issues organizing their time? The Demo Wizard’s CALENDAR feature will wow them as it helps Brand Ambassadors to earn more money without raising their hourly rate. They will never waste a day or time ever again. It helps them allocate and manage time at each specific calendar period.

Old and long invoicing procedures are boring. Demo Wizard has a solution. All expenses and receipts go to the report section of this awesome promotional store sampling event planning software. In return, invoicing becomes a piece of cake. 

Other Great Demo Wizard Features

• You receive notifications or alerts about any activity on the platform

• Users schedule appointment

• You can automate your schedules

• The software allows you to forecast and budget

• Marketers manage their campaigns with ease

• It has collaboration tools

• Retail owners schedule their facilities and manage their demo areas in real-time

• Team leaders and managers can schedule groups in real-time

• Marketers can organize their marketing calendars and localized marketing efforts through the platform

• Retail store owners and brand ambassadors can conduct surveys via Demo Wizard and receive constructive feedback

This retail scheduling software targets a broad market with very specific workflows. For example:

• Store Operations Executives

• Retail Marketing Executives

• Food and Beverage Brand builders

In-store Demo Agency owners

Retail Category Managers

• Merchandising Executives

• CPG Vendors

• Promotional Event Marketing Executives

It’s a great alternative because it is more focused on retail marketing strategy and more price-pocket-friendly compared to Repsly. You can even use the free version which is fully functional but limits the number of demos to be scheduled per month to 5.

2. When I Work – Pricing Starts From $4 (per user)​

It’s excellent retail scheduling software that helps managers and team leaders schedule work fast and share it with employees or team members.

When I Work integrate schedules with a time clock to track time and reduce labor costs. You can message your workers or teammates in various departments through its portal. 

Though it may not be as good as Repsly or Demo Wizard, it’s a great alternative to Repsly because of its time-saving and scheduling abilities. Moreover, it works perfectly for smaller teams when on a budget.

3. Promomash – Pricing Starts From $349 

It’s an excellent promotional event planning software for retail businesses. CPG brands enjoy software services that help boost and convert their promotions. 

Promomash makes employees more accountable, and they can easily predict the performance outcome. It’s a great tool for managing your field workers and marketing activities. 

You may need to dig deeper in your pockets to acquire it, but it may be worth it. It’s a good alternative to Repsly.


Why Do Brand Builders and Retailers Want Demo Wizard?

Hosting and organizing a couple of compelling in-store demos per month in a single-store location could be a logistical nightmare. Scheduling and coordination require too much time and labor to make everything happen, the time and labor which are already short and expensive in most retail establishments. Plus a couple of store sampling events per month hardly move the proverbial needle in measuring the increased sales per square foot potential that daily product demos can deliver.

Production of flawless events at scale is precisely where Demo Wizard excels. This Demo Event Management software makes in store demo hosting and coordination a breeze. It helps to link events calendars of the retail category managers and buyers, product vendors, brand ambassadors, and distributors online to synchronize specific details for every event and location, eliminating the demand for endless emails and phone calls with lengthy waiting times.

With such state-of-the-art web-based software by your side, you can feel optimistic about your ability to control a plethora of in-store demos effectively without additional time and labor expenses. 

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