Winter’s Coming: Don’t Let Your Drainage Pipes Down

Imagine the scene: you’re all set for a cosy winter break. The dog’s sorted at the kennels, your suitcase’s zipped up, but wait a moment – are your drainage pipes in Thanet ready to brave the chilly season? Often overlooked, ensuring your household pipework can withstand the UK winter, especially in coastal areas like Thanet, is crucial. Let’s look into how you can keep those pipes snug as a bug this winter.

Why Worry About Your Pipes in Winter?

In Thanet, where the sea breeze can turn from brisk to biting, leaving your pipes unprotected is like stepping out into a December gale without a warm jacket. Unprepared pipes are prone to freezing and bursting, causing a flood of problems (pun intended!). It’s not just about avoiding a cold snap disaster; it’s about ensuring your return from holiday isn’t met with an icy indoor shower!

Simple Steps to Winter-Proof Your Pipes

Ensuring your pipes stay warm and functioning during the winter months is easier than you might think. Here’s your handy guide:

·       Insulate Like a Pro: Wrap your pipes in insulation as if they’re about to brave a Kent winter storm. It’s simple and effective.

·       Keep the Heat On (Even When You’re Out): One of the most effective ways to prevent pipes from freezing is to keep the heating on a low setting, especially when you’re away. It might seem odd to leave your heating on when the house is empty, but maintaining a consistent, low temperature can be a game-changer. It prevents the pipes from getting too cold and cracking. The consensus is to keep your house at a temperature between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. Think of it as a gentle, continuous, warm hug for your home’s plumbing system. 

·       Address Leaks Immediately: A small drip can lead to big problems in freezing temperatures. Get these fixed quicker than a Thanet seagull swoops for chips! And if DIY isn’t your cup of tea, remember local experts like Thanet Drainage are just a call away.

·       Know Your Home’s Lifelines: Familiarise yourself with the location of your stopcock – it’s your first line of defence in a water emergency.

·       Stopcock Savvy: Do you know where it is? Good. Don’t know? Time to play detective and find it.

Oops, I Forgot!

You forgot to prep, and now your pipes are more frozen than your favourite winter dessert? First, don’t panic. Thanet folks are known for their resilience. Shut off your water via the stopcock and gently warm the frozen area. If things look dire, it’s time to call in the cavalry – Thanet Drainage is just a click away for those pipe emergencies.


So there you have it. With a bit of prep, your pipes will be as ready for the UK winter, just as you are for your holiday. Remember, a little effort now can save a boatload of trouble later. And who knows, your pipes might just thank you with a trouble-free winter! And if you’re in need of some professional pipe pampering, Thanet Drainage is your go-to.

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