Why Should I Switch to an Electric Cooker and how?

The time for gas cookers has long passed. While being the eco-friendlier solution, electric cookers also eliminate the need for a working gas line at your home, and reduce the costs significantly, especially with the current gas crisis and new guidelines to reduce the use of fossil fuels.  Electric cookers also don’t release gas into the air as gas cookers do. That means they are safe for your family.

What you need to know to install your electric cooker:

The first step is figuring out what an electric cooker needs for it to properly work. Due to their heat generation specifications, Electric Cookers need more energy, since they create an evenly distributed heat source.

For this purpose, you may have to change your fuse breaker to provide more power to your circuits, which is often described in the manual of the electric cooker; you will also need a dense and flame-retardant cable that is suited to your power requirements. If you are not sure which cable is best for you, consult a certified electrician for details.

Do I need a double pole isolating switch to properly install the electric cooker?

The question here is safety. While the live wire may be controlled via a switch, the power consumption for an electric cooker is often high enough to convey certain amperage to the neutral wire as well. A double pole isolating switch should be enough to nullify the neutral wire, this will prevent the possible short circuit when you touch the switch or the cooker.

What kind of Circuit and Cables Are Needed?

It is advised to install an electric cooker via a linear power circuit, or a radial circuit, which is a fixed wiring feeding power to a connection point. Due to the high amperage of the electric cooker, it is not wise to connect it to the same circuit as any other major electrical appliance in your kitchen.

The cooker control unit should be installed within two meters of the electric cooker, keep in mind that it should not be directly above or adjacent to the cooker. 

Is it safe to install an electric cooker without any expert help?

The nature of an electric cooker implies frequent daily use for an extended amount of time. This means that the risk for an incident is greatly increased if proper care is not taken during the installation of the cooker. This is more than just a shock risk, but also a fire hazard in your very own kitchen.

If you don’t have any experience in handling and installing electrical appliances, it is much the wiser to contact a certified electrician to take care of the job. While you may think the job is rather easy because the electrician makes it look so effortless, you should keep in mind that a professional electrician will consider details and possible incidents that you may never think of, which could create electrical disasters down the road. Call us now if you are looking for an electrician in London

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