What is Managed Magento Hosting, and why do you need it?

A successful Magento store requires speed, agility, and the ability to handle traffic spikes while maintaining the highest level of security.

Because Magento does not provide web hosting, you will need a strong infrastructure that meets Magento hosting requirements.

A suitable Magento hosting environment will necessitate a server that is equipped with specific and well-configured technologies.

Many types of hosting can meet these requirements, including:

Hosting that is shared
Dedicated Server Hosting
VPS (Virtual Private Server) (Virtual Private Server) Hosting on the Cloud
When deciding on the best Magento hosting plan, you must choose between Managed hosting and a Do-It-Yourself solution.

As your Magento store grows in popularity, a Do-It-Yourself solution will quickly accumulate, requiring more time, effort, and investment.

Companies frequently fail to set up and configure the required components.

Without the assistance of a managed hosting provider, you will be solely responsible for updates, daily backups, server management, and security.

Even if all of these requirements are met, you will require a technical support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This article will discuss managed hosting services and why they are the best hosting option for your company.

What is Managed Magento Hosting?

Managed Magento hosting is a service in which your Magento hosting provider manages the server and software.

In addition to selling you a server, the managed hosting provider will manage your servers and handle all tasks necessary to keep your business running.

Magento managed hosting combines the top three backend aspects:

Understanding of the application
Knowledge of server configurations (performance, security, backups)
Cloud expertise and knowledge
The technical experts here work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your site runs smoothly, even as you add more products, introduce new features, and increase traffic.

Magento managed hosting includes migration, scalability, performance, and security.

Exceptional features of Managed Magento hosting

  • Migration of existing shopping cart
  • Hourly full backups
  • Server-side security updates and patches
  • Cache management
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Database management
  • Customer support on application level
  • Development environment
  • Compliance and security certifications
  • Firewall and data encryption

Delegating these tasks relieves you of the technical and maintenance burdens, allowing you to efficiently grow your Magento store.

Aside from these services, there are several advantages to managed hosting that improve Magento management.

Let’s look at some of the top advantages of Magento managed hosting:

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