What is IV therapy?

Intravenous therapy is definitely something you’ve heard about in a medical context. In therapeutic settings, IVs are crucial for providing quick hydration and a way to administer drugs straight into the bloodstream.

The realm of wellness can benefit greatly from IV therapy Greenwich CT as well. You can get a boost in nourishment and hydration nearly immediately thanks to the technique. The best part is that IVY Infusions may modify your IV therapy programme to meet your individual needs.

How does IV therapy work?

An IV line is first inserted to start the operation. The process is rapid and painless, and it is carried out by professionals with extensive training in IV placement.

A strip of surgical tape holds a very thin medical tubing in place after being inserted with a needle into one of your veins.

Our seasoned nurses mix in various nutrients and attach a bag containing a sterile saline solution to the tubing.

The solution delivers a variety of advantages without passing through the digestive system like food and oral supplements do because it enters your bloodstream in a well controlled flow.

What types of IV therapy are available?

A pioneer in IV therapy, VY Infusions provides a variety of IV therapies to address a variety of issues and needs. There are various choices, including:

NAD+-based anti-aging to expedite cellular ageing and detoxification
Calm, to lessen tension and enhance sleep
Immunity, which aids in preventing bacterial and viral infections
Losing weight, blocking and burning fat
Enhancing hair, skin, and nails for beauty
Mega recovery, to repair the body after trauma or stress Pre-game, to get the body ready for the big game Energy, to battle weariness and replenish lost nutrients

Fuel infusion, which will improve muscle performance and hasten recovery
Detox, to rid the body of pollutants and to reestablish balance
The instant hydration boost you’ll experience with any infusion is one of the most helpful components of IV therapy. Dehydration is a common occurrence, and IV therapy can make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to survive.

Moreover, IVY Infusions offers boosters, which deliver an immediate increase in nutrients and energy. Choices include stimulants for mood, weight loss, exercise, and beauty.

Call IVY Infusions or make an appointment online right away if you’re prepared to try IV therapy.

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