What Do You Want From A Beach Holiday?

Whatever kind of beach dweller you are, however you normally like to take your holiday and whatever you want from your next beach holiday, you might just find that Tanzania offers more than you could possibly imagine.

Diving and Snorkelling

If having your head under the water is your thing then you’ll find Tanzania’s beaches are the perfect destination for your diving or snorkelling excursions. Pemba Island, which can be found due north of the island of Zanzibar, is quickly becoming recognised as of the best dive spots along the entire east African coastline; featuring a variety of levels, from novice to expert. Mafia Island further south has had its 50km coastline designated a national marine park, so you know you’ll see something special there. Off Zanzibar itself, there are further top class dive spots with on land facilities to suit every taste and budget.

Beach Bumming

With miles of white sands and an azure sea under the African sun, there can be few better places in the world to spend time simply kicking back and relaxing. Even the most stressed out city dweller will find that within a few days, their desire to rush around will diminish and they’ll succumb to some proper rest and relaxation on the beaches of Tanzania. Sitting with the sand between your toes, drinking a cocktail, playing backgammon or simply watching the world go by, you will surprisingly quickly find a way to fill your days so you go back to your normal life with your batteries fully re-charged. And perhaps taking with you a new perspective on what’s important in life.


Tanzania has a fascinating history, and this has resulted in a cosmopolitan culture that takes the best from everyone and everything that has influenced it. Around the beaches and coastal towns you’ll find colourful Tanzanian everyday life being played out in front of you. If you step a bit further afield, you’ll find fascinating cultural experiences like Stone Town on Zanzibar, with its maze of narrow alleys lined by houses, shops, bazaars and mosques. It was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000 for its remaining and unique combination of Arab and colonial architecture.


Of course no trip to Tanzania would be complete without encountering some of the wildlife, that calls this part of Africa its home. If you visit the beaches South of Dar, you can see some of the big wildlife Africa is famous for in the morning, and be back on the beach in the afternoon. All this is just a 10 minute flight away from bustling Dar es Salaam.

That’s not really covering it all; plenty of other activities including horse riding, kite surfing, boat trips, river safaris and so much more can all be experienced from your base on the beach. It really is true that something for everyone can be found on Tanzian Beaches. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain… Including some great memories.

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