What Are the Dirtiest Areas in the Office?

Your workspace might be the dirtiest part of your office, but you are oblivious to this fact. You’ve done all sorts of things in this place like eating a slice of birthday cake for instance. It is hard to see the tons of microorganisms laying ambush for you. For this reason, it is safe to say the dirtiest place in the office is your desk. This is why commercial cleaning services Camden South Carolina will put more effort into cleaning your office desk than any other area.

You might find this statement rather surprising, but your desk is home to 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat. While a vast majority of these harmful organisms find solace around your mobile phone, the desk surface itself is a breeding ground for harmful bugs. Overexposure to these microbes concentrated around your desk often makes you and your colleague apply for sick leave.

That’s why you are advised to always clean and disinfect your office desk regularly. Your phone and other high-traffic areas around the office should also not be left out. These areas should be cleaned thoroughly.

Commercial cleaning services Camden South Carolina make the office desk and other surfaces a top priority while carrying out their cleaning schedule. Now that you know your office desk is a breeding ground for microbes, maybe you’ll be more careful when next you want to eat at your desk.

Other Dirty Areas in the Office

Constant movement around the office area spreads germs, many that the ordinary eyes can’t see. In a post COVID world, it is expedient that we take personal hygiene seriously. It is also important to know where one can contract germs, so you can be more careful when using them next time.

Other areas where germs are passed from person to person include

Elevator Buttons and Door Handles

A commercial office space sees a lot of different people daily. You deal with familiar and unfamiliar faces daily. Some are just visiting to deliver a message or for a meeting, others are getting their desk ready for the day’s work. Everyone can’t keep their hands washed and clean. Some could have a cold or other worse health conditions.

As soon as the infected individual touches the elevator button or door handles, the germs settle on the surface. Unfortunately, these surfaces are never cleaned as they are supposed to. These are some of the areas that a commercial cleaning service will focus on.

The Kitchen

The kitchen, an area where you get all kinds of food and drinks, is without a doubt another dirty area in the office. The most infectious spot is actually the place you’d think is free of germs – the office kitchen sink. Also, the taps get exposed to all kinds of hands-on a daily basis.

The Toilet

This list will be considered incomplete without mentioning the office restroom. Many people go in and out of the toilet daily. This area spread germs easily. One of the most harmful germs is e-coli. That’s why a commercial cleaning service will focus on office toilet cleaning just as it does on your desk.

Commercial cleaning services Camden South Carolina performs meticulous cleaning on a schedule that works for your business.

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