What Are Diamonds in Mobile Legends For?

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If you are new to Mobile Legends, you might be wondering why you need to top up diamonds in this game. So, diamonds are the digital currency in Mobile Legends. You can use them to buy various items you need. Also, there are other uses of diamonds in Mobile Legends, here they are.

Forming a Squad

As you know, you need to have a squad to improve your gaming. The squad itself consists of 9 players only. And to form a squad, you need diamonds. The number of Mobile Legends diamonds you need to form a squad is 199 units. Instead of spending your diamonds on skins, you are suggested to spend them on creating a strong, solid team to win every duel.

By forming a squad, you can also play together with your friends. With a squad as well, you can join a big tournament held by Moonton.

Buying Heroes

There are 103 heroes in total in Mobile Legends. The game developer provides certain heroes that you can get for free. But there are also other heroes that you can purchase with diamonds. By buying heroes with diamonds, you do not have to struggle collecting tickets and battle points. You just need to choose the hero you want, then buy it with your diamonds.

Emblem Pack

Mobile Legends is one game that prioritizes strength. And in this game, a hero’s strength is measured with the level of the emblem. Using the emblem pack aims to increase the strength of the hero you are using in the game. In the Mobile Legends Store, you can buy several items to improve your hero’s strength.

For example, the newbie emblem pack that starts from magic, combo, to physical. Besides the emblems, you will also get Dust inside the pack that functions to increase your emblems. And you can spend your diamonds to buy this emblem pack.

Buying Exclusive Items

The next use of diamonds in Mobile Legends is to buy exclusive items. There are many interesting, exclusive items that you can purchase with your diamonds, such as the name change card, national flag card, squad name change, and many others.

Third-Party Platforms to Top Up Mobile Legends Diamonds

·         Codashop

If you look for a game top up service that frequently offers huge deals, Codashop is the one. You can buy diamonds at a cheaper price with various payment methods, including credit cards and mobile banking. However, the price might be different, depending on the payment method you choose.

·         UniPin

UniPin is a great option if you want to buy a huge number of diamonds. The biggest number that UniPin offers is 6050 diamonds that you can purchase with various payment methods.

So, do you still doubt to top up Mobile Legends diamonds?

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