Welcome to Ixkati Casa Kobe.

Welcome to Ixkati Casa Kobe.

One of the most valued and requested meats in different countries of the world is known as Kobe beef, a real delicacy for those who enjoy cuts of beef that are not found everywhere and that many have not tried yet.

Of Japanese origin, from the birth of the cattle to the moment it is ready to reach the shelves, Kobe beef goes through a detailed and precise process that gives it all its value, later reflected in its high price.

Due to its wide appeal and success worldwide, we dove headlong into this gastronomic world to find out what Kobe beef is and why it costs so much.

Kobe Beef, his Discovery.

​Kobe beef comes from a Japanese cow, but getting it is a long process that starts from its origin to its breeding and care.

Cows raised for Kobe beef can only belong to cattle raised in Kobe, a city located on Osaka Bay in central Japan and the capital of Hyogo Prefecture, from which it takes its name.

​Second, these cows must have a specific lineage that dates back to the Meiji period.

​But what does this moment in Japanese history mean when Kobe beef begins to take flight? The Meiji period was a time of major political and social changes in Japan. The country opened its doors to the world and got rid of government systems that had been in place for hundreds of years, beginning in 1868.

Until then, nobody imagined the delight that the world was about to discover.

The city of Kobe was opened to international trade as a port, attracting many foreigners who settled there. Soon, Kobe became a cosmopolitan city, a meeting point of cultures and a crossroads between traditions.

At that time, it was not common in Japan to consume meat like it is now. However, that part of the story was about to change when an English tourist tasted Kobe beef for the first time and discovered its unique characteristics that only the best meat in the world can have.

Since then, Kobe beef’s reputation has spanned oceans to become the most coveted beef on the planet.

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