Types of Carpet for Living Spaces

Carpeting your hardwood floors enhances the beauty of your home. With carpeting, you can make a choice to alter it due to wear or change it to match the new style of your home, you can choose the design and colour to go with it.Its adaptability reflects your individuality. With hardwood flooring, you won’t have the ability to select a style or colour that speaks to you. Following are some carpeting styles that are in trend:

Textured Carpets

Although Carpets From Clarkes Flooring & Furniture naturally have a variety of textures, picking a pattern that uses fibres of different heights, widths, and thicknesses can create a special, three-dimensional impression that can feel even more velvety, tactile, and comfortable. Textured carpets can have a wide range of weaves and patterns, some plain and simple and others more complex and elaborate.

Carpet Runners

A runner can be the ideal choice if you have lovely oak flooring in your home that you do not want to completely cover but would like to add a level of warmth and texture to.

A runner may create an exquisite layered appearance and a fashionable union of opposing materials, as well as serve as a useful, protecting surface, whether it is used as a stair runner or in a corridor.

Patterned Carpets

Until recently, carpets and rugs were typically plain, neutral, and only used in bedrooms but now they have made a comeback and are making their way into living rooms and dining rooms as well. When used properly, patterned carpet patterns can act as an introduction to a piece of art and a strong design statement for a space. Use the floor as the major canvas for the space.

Lay-down Smart Stripes

Like floorboards, a good stripe, no matter how wide or thin, is a timeless pattern that will visibly lengthen and enlarge a room. Stripes, which are admired for their ability to resist filth, were first only found in high-traffic locations like stairwells, but their popularity is gradually expanding. The use of stripes in interior design is increasingly widespread, and thanks to inspiration from the fabric industry, there is now a far wider selection of striped carpet designs available.

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