Travel Guide for Planning soccer trips in Europe

Since I began writing about my soccer travels and exciting experiences I had watching live football in Europe, I have been inundated with hundreds of emails from readers all over the world every other day. The majority of them want my advice on how to have a good football trip since they intend to travel throughout Europe with their families, friends, and loved ones to see numerous soccer matches.

So, after giving their concern some serious thinking, I’ve decided to write a blog post about it. Generally, I have experience organising trips to see football in European countries (such as England, France, Germany, and many others); I have attended over twenty games at over twenty different venues.

So it would be really important if I shared my experience here, and it would make me happy if it served as a useful resource while you planned your trip to Europe to play soccer.

1. When are you going?

Like any other travel, a soccer trip depends on having a good time schedule. In fact, you cannot get out of bed in the morning and announce that you are going to Emirates Stadium to see Wednesday’s match between Arsenal and Manchester City. No, you must have access to the complete schedule of all the championships and leagues. As a result, if you are aware of the weekend’s events, you can begin making travel plans. Keep in mind that in order to acquire Ticketing Agency, you must be in the host city at least one day prior to the game. If not, you can purchase them online.

2. Who is playing?

There is little doubt that you will have a variety of games to choose from wherever you go in Europe. Unless there is a certain club you are yearning to see and see in the stadium, it is more likely that you are looking for the most exciting and engaging game while making travel plans for a soccer trip. I always advise choosing the best football environment, the most fascinating game (such as a derby or a top league team), and the coolest stadium.

3. Getting Game Tickets

As previously said, it is crucial to purchase your tickets as soon as possible. I’ve observed that tickets are frequently quickly sold out for roller derby games. It can be really upsetting to travel a long distance only to miss a game because you were unable to get admittance tickets. The good news is that fans can purchase advance tickets directly from club websites in the majority of European leagues.

4. Before and after the football game

You’ll need something to eat and drink before and after the game, unless you’re an angel. For this, I advise you to look up hotels and bars near the desired stadium online. Which facilities are for home fans and which are for visitors is something to keep in mind (in most cases, they are kept separate for security reasons).

You might also think about visiting a stadium. Indeed, virtually every team in Europe provides stadium tours as a perk, but not on game days. Thus, it is wise to get to the stadium the day before the game. I sincerely hope that this blog post has been quite helpful, especially for those devoted soccer fans who intend to travel throughout Europe to see matches played in venues that are completely sold out. I hope your plans for your football adventure vacation go well.

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