Top 4 Reasons to Buy French Bulldog Puppies

Frenchies have a predisposition to health problems and disorders that can cost a lot of money to treat. Therefore, It is vital to get a puppy from a reputable breeder with Champion parents and is health screened. Their compact size also means they don’t require a lot of space and can thrive in apartments. Additionally, they’re a great choice for families with children of all ages.

They Are Great With Kids.

French Bulldogs are sweet and affectionate with children. They will get along with kids of any age if they are taught not to treat them roughly or play too rough. It’s best to introduce a new dog to kids at a young age so they can grow up together and become accustomed to one another. As a small breed, a Frenchie doesn’t require hours of daily exercise and is happy with shorter walks or indoor play.

Like all dogs, a French Bulldog may be startled by sudden movements or loud noises from children. They are also prone to overheating, so they shouldn’t be left outside for long periods during hot weather. This is because their short noses cause them to breathe more heavily, which can lead to heat exhaustion and other health problems.

A French Bulldog for sale is a perfect fit for families because they love to spend time with their people. They bond deeply with their family and are often sad when left alone for extended periods. A Frenchie’s presence can reduce stress in the home, and spending time with them can even increase serotonin and dopamine levels. These hormones are key factors in happiness and feelings of well-being. In addition to these emotional benefits, a Frenchie’s presence can decrease blood pressure and lower anxiety levels.

They Are Easy To Train.

Because of their small size, Frenchies are easier to train than most other dog breeds. They respond well to training if done positively and many treats are involved. They also love to play and enjoy having fun with their humans. This makes them easy to train, and they are quick to learn. Frenchies are highly intelligent and learn quickly, but they can be stubborn sometimes, so it is important to stick with the training and never give up! If your Frenchie becomes resistant to training, try switching things up, such as using different rewards, praise, or toys. Also, try breaking your training sessions into smaller periods, such as a minute or two, so they don’t get bored and distracted.

Frenchies also tend to bark, so you must teach them not to bark when you aren’t home. It would also help to teach your Frenchie how to walk on a leash. Once they have mastered that, you can start working on recall and creating a routine. You can also work on nose work with your Frenchie by hiding their toys around the house and having them find them through scent. This will help to prevent resource guarding and other behavior issues. 

They Are Low Maintenance.

Frenchies are a very easygoing breed that fits most lifestyles well. They don’t need much exercise beyond short walks and plenty of time to romp around the yard and play with their human and dog friends.

They’re also a low-shedding breed and are relatively clean. However, like all dogs, they require regular grooming with a brush and a comb to keep their skin healthy. They’re prone to ear infections, so their ears should be cleaned regularly using medicated ear wipes. Their facial folds can also get food and drool stuck in them, so they should be wiped down regularly after eating.

As with all puppies, choosing a responsible breeder and visiting the breeding facility is crucial to see how they are cared for and socialized. Ask the breeder about their health guarantee and breeding policy; a reputable breeder will only have one litter within a short period. Before bringing your new puppy home, ensure you have a collar, leash, and any toys or other items the breeder may have given them. This is an important safety measure, as French Bulldogs are poor swimmers and can drown if left unattended in a pool or other body of water. They can also become cold-sensitive and, if exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods, may experience hypothermia.

They Are Easy To Care For

Although they may sometimes be lazy couch potatoes, French Bulldogs are incredibly playful and eager to please. They respond well to positive reinforcement-based training, and they learn quickly. They can be headstrong sometimes, so patience is key when training this breed. Socialization training is also important to prevent them from becoming aloof with strangers or aggressive towards other dogs.

Because Frenchies are primarily companion dogs, they’re generally very easy to care for. They require regular brushing to keep their coats shiny and healthy, and their owners can often groom them. You’ll also need to regularly clean your hereditary face wrinkles to avoid skin irritation or infection. It’s recommended to use a soft cloth or baby wipes.

This brachycephalic breed tends to overheat more easily than other dogs, and they can experience problems with their airways if they exercise too vigorously or in hot weather. Therefore, limiting their outdoor activities to short walks or playtime in a secure backyard is best. If you notice your Frenchie snoring or wheezing excessively, consult your veterinarian to rule out a potential back injury or herniated disc.

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