Because there are so many allusions, articles aren’t easily seen on store shelves. Consumers won’t purchase something they can’t see!

In the impulse-sensitive biscuits section of an Italian supermarket, eye-tracking research on shopper behaviour found that 100 individuals saw, on average, no more than 28, out of the 193 available items. An amazing 85% of the offer is missed by the average customer, who spends only roughly 70 seconds in the department.

Unquestionably, the most common type of marketing material used to draw attention to your product on retail shelves is a shelf talker (also known as a stopper, barker, on-shelf material, etc.). It is an effective communication tool. Items are saved from the relative anonymity of the shelf since this sort of POS material is perpendicular to the shelf.

A Shelf Barker by Alplas promotes awareness for the shopper to discover your new product, brand, packaging, promotion, and message by causing disruption on the busy supermarket shelves. With the use of a shelf talker, it is possible to set apart a product from its nearby rivals and showcase it within its own brand world.

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We have been combining creativity and technical know-how to assist brands and retailers promote their goods and improve in-store communication for more than 25 years. We provide pertinent and targeted display solutions, always in a variety of materials, staying on top of trends (wood, metal, plastics, etc.) For 100% custom-made permanent furniture, we research a brand’s context, its retail challenge, and the technical, aesthetic, and financial limits.


An additional visible solution that is fastened to store shelves is called a shelf talker. This POS material’s purpose is to divert a customer’s attention away from browsing the shelves so that he will finally stop.

A shelf talker is used to promote a novelty, a promotion, to segment or explain an offer, or to help with product presentation. It is normally perpendicular to the shelf and functions as signage or visual communication. Studies show that a promotion run by shelf talkers can increase sales by two to four times.

Shelftalker may be used for advertising, such as during a promotion or new product launch. In this instance, the shelf talkers are frequently constructed from flexible, lightweight materials that are durable for a few days or weeks (PVC, PET, PP). To adapt to the number of facings displayed on the shelves, the printed shelf-tray is typically divided into smaller pieces. Magnetic strips can sometimes be installed on a shelf-tray to keep the contents on the shelves.


  • Boost in-store exposure and grab customers’ attention with your product or brand
  • Promote impulsive or latent purchasing
  • It has excellent stopping power and looks nice.
  • Establish and maintain designated shelf space Assist customers in finding an item on the shelf
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Differentiate a proposal from rival proposals
  • Possibility to entice customers with your brand’s tale
  • Add an additional merchandising service (segmentation, face up, …)
  • Boost purchasing confidence
  • The last chance to entice customers is through communication on the shelf where you sell, often known as the last metre communication. Customers will be guided and assisted through the last stage of their purchasing journey by a well-designed shelf talker. The customer will surely select the offer that originally drew his attention out of two competing ones.

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