The Artrix Xlite: A New Generation of Vape Pod

  1. With the growing demand for cannabis pod vapes, the market is becoming more dynamic. As consumers yearn for high-quality, personalized vaping experiences, it’s vital for us, as a cannabis vape brand, to adapt and innovate. Introducing smart pod vape products can elevate the consumer experience without making it overly complex.We recognize that many cannabis vape brands are already offering non-smart pod products. Dominant brands like STIIIZY are hard to overlook, but for those of us who entered the cannabis vape product market with non-smart pods, we need to think about evolving. It’s time to enhance the vaping experience for our users. To stand out from the crowd, we need to explore the untapped potential of the smart pod vape market. Artrix’s new pod system, Xlite, which surpasses non-smart pods, could be the perfect upgrade for our pod vape products.Artrix Xlite is an innovative smart pod vape that promises a unique ‘light and smart’ experience. It offers a convenient and personalized user experience that sets it apart from traditional non-smart pod vapes like STIIIZY and high-end smart pod vapes like Pax. Xlite eliminates the need for complex mobile app connections, providing personalization with just the attachment of the pod. It offers personalized vaping experiences like voltage adjustment and dose control reminders.Xlite, a smart pod, introduces dose control reminders, preheat functions, and voltage adjustments, allowing users to enjoy a range of cannabis products. Xlite enhances the vaping experience by making it visibly smart. It uses touch-sensing technology, enabling users to adjust the voltage with a simple tap. The unique, futuristic design adds aesthetic value, while its transparency meets the aesthetic preferences of the younger generation. And with a more affordable price point than Pax’s high-end pod vapes, Xlite offers an excellent cost-to-value ratio, making it my top pick when thinking about upgrading from non-smart pods.Connecting with Artrix’s professional cannabis industry consulting team could broaden our perspective on cannabis marketing. From a cost-performance viewpoint, Xlite shines, solidifying its position as the best choice for an upgrade from non-smart pods.

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