The 3 Most Important Ways Control4 Enhances Your Home Life 

Home automation has been a popular topic for a number of years now, but technology moves quickly and not everyone knows just how they can benefit from integrating their home technology with smart control systems. Control4 is one of the leading smart home control technologies, established in the early 2000s, several years before the start of the current home automation boom. 

With Control4 control systems, you can make your everyday life much easier by making the most of your smart home technology by combining everything under the same umbrella, from climate control and lighting systems, to entertainment and even home security. 

Let’s discuss the three key ways that integrating smart devices and tech with Control4 control systems helps improve different aspects of your home life. 


Firstly, the most important advantage of Control4 is the ability to control practically all elements of your home from a single, central control system. Using a smartphone, tablet or control pad, wherever you are in the house, many different technologies are at your fingertips.  

Uniting all aspects of home technology under a single system helps you to make the most of home automation, ensuring that smart thermostats, lighting, entertainment systems and all other devices can be used together for your comfort and convenience, helping save you time and providing a much more user friendly experience for all of your smart home technologies. 

Control4 is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that all of your favourite apps and devices are only a click away, and all parts of your home can be controlled at the same time, regardless of whether you are sitting comfortably, busy in the kitchen, or even getting ready to leave work to come home. 


When the topic of home automation and smart homes comes up in conversation, the majority of people are most excited about the entertainment possibilities of smart control systems.  

With Control4, all entertainment and audio visual systems can be linked throughout your house, allowing you to take control of your enjoyment through a single app. In addition to controlling picture, playback, sound and volume, Control4 also integrates with lighting systems, motorised blinds, HVAC systems and other technologies that contribute to your comfort, helping you set the perfect atmosphere for a movie night in a split second. 


Home security may not be as fun a topic to discuss as integrated home entertainment systems, but Control4 provides the innovation to streamline all security technologies and provide remote monitoring, wherever you are. 

As well as allowing you to check and control intruder alarm systems and CCTV from your mobile device, Control4 opens up a wide range of other security benefits. For example, practically all people have experienced times when they have left home and been unsure over whether they have locked up behind them or activated intruder alarm systems. By integrating security alarms, smart door locks and other security technologies under Control4 smart control systems, all security technologies can be checked immediately, and corrected if necessary. 

Control4 Specialists 

To ensure that you make the most of Control4 and make sure that all smart devices are properly and effectively integrated, sometimes it is best to seek the support of a trusted Control4 dealer. 

Veritais is an authorised Control4 dealer with many years of experience in integrating products from all leading technology brands under one control system. 

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