TEEHUB: A T-Shirt Design Revolution in Boulder, Colorado

This is the epitome of innovative T-shirt design, never seen before. Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, the team behind TEEHUB is on a mission to revolutionize t-shirt design like never before!

They not only provide a market for products, but also provide a stage for artists and designers around the world. They can transform their creative vision into fashionable wearable art.

Founded in 2015, TEEHUB caters to the needs of independent artists and large design companies with robust logistics services, equipped with a real-time order tracking system that enables customers to track their items from printer to door. By partnering with the world’s leading carriers, they provide fast, reliable shipping and handling services on every continent including the Americas, Europe, Australia or Canada, including the United States.

The platform is designed to provide designers around the world with unprecedented market exposure. Through personalized storefronts, artists can showcase original work to a global audience hungry for unique wearable art. This business model allows artists to sell products directly to consumers while earning competitive commissions, fostering a thriving creative community.

TEEHUB emphasizes environmentally friendly practices such as the use of water-based inks. By using the latest direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology, they are able to produce detailed and vibrant designs on a range of fabrics, while delivering a full color palette that is both visually striking and durable.

When you choose TEEHUB, you participate in innovative, high-quality wearable art. They also offer a creative community service, delivering unique and truly creative wearable art to a global audience without any middlemen. TEEHUB encourages individuals to be creative and share their original works with the world. Please show them your design!

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