Synapse: A free access innovative database for drug intelligence

Synapse: A free access innovative database for drug intelligence

Patsnap’s Synapse provides life science professionals with a platform that facilitates the smooth exploration of millions of resources. Through all stages of drug discovery and development, this platform enables informed investigations powered by artificial intelligence technologies. It also automates Extract Transform Load (ETL) in real-time from extensive global biopharmaceutical data, using machine learning and natural language processing.

Practical uses of Synapse include:

◆ Discovering new drug development opportunities by analyzing the worldwide drug development pipeline and targeted points.

◆ Evaluating the value of import projects based on their development progress, clinical efficacy, and comparing with existing products.

◆ Screening potential investment opportunities based on multiple parameters such as pipeline layout, research and development capabilities, technical platforms, and investment strategies.

◆ Formulating product pipelines and development strategies by gaining insights into market dynamics and competitive landscapes.

◆ Determining a company’s development trajectory by assessing the competitive advantages and disadvantages of rival companies in specific sectors.

Top 5 Key Features in Synapse:

1. Advanced Drug Search: Synapse provides detailed information on investigational and marketed drugs around the globe, including preclinical research data from patents.

2. Comprehensive Drug Patent Information: Synapse boasts a database of 16 million invention patents in the medical field, accurately surveyed using AI and pharmaceutical experts.

3. Customized Email Alerts: Synapse offers personalized monitoring for particular drugs, targets, and institutions and sends the reports via email.

4. Comparative Analysis Tool: Synapse allows users to analyze and compare various drugs, targets, indications, and institutions.

5. Knowledge Graph: Synapse uses knowledge graph technology to analyze drug relationships, leading to the identification of potential research and development opportunities.

Key Sources of Drug Intelligence in Synapse:

1. Major global drug regulatory agencies like FDA, EMA, PMDA, NMPA, CDE, and others.

2. Significant clinical institutions in different regions like US Clinical trials, WHO (ICTRP), EU-CTR, Japan (NIPH/UMIN-CTR/JMACCT CTR), China (CTR/chiCTR), and more.

3. Global news and information concerning biopharmaceuticals, along with official R&D pipelines of biopharmaceutical companies.

4. Worldwide patents.

5. Relevant life science literature.

In conclusion, Patsnap’s Synapse is a modern drug information database that utilizes AI to provide life science professionals with value-added insights that help in drug discovery and development. With Synapse’s features, such as an advanced drug search, comprehensive patent information, personalized email alerts, comparative analysis tool, and knowledge graph, users can perform comprehensive analysis. This tool aims to help identify new drug development opportunities, evaluate project values, and screen potential investments among other things. Its intelligence sources include regulatory agencies, clinical institutions, worldwide patents, and biopharmaceutical literature. The free version of Synapse is geared towards improving global access to unique pharmaceutical intelligence.

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