Sweet snacks to enjoy with tea or coffee

What is superior to coffee or tea? Tea or coffee, of course, with some delicious treats on the side. Here are some of the best options to bake and serve with your regular hot beverages.

Around the world, tea and coffee are essential parts of daily life, but they taste best when paired with something sweet. Let’s discuss the tastes that are served with tea or coffee in many cultures throughout the world.

There’s a good reason why sweet snacks, which we can occasionally have in place of breakfast, for elevenses, or to complement long chats with tea or coffee, are so well-liked. The kids adore them, so serve them with a glass of milk!

For you, I have fantastic dishes. Italian-flavored biscotti cookies are presented first, followed by a moist and aromatic lemon cake, and then a recipe for delectable chocolate chip cookies.

Is it a biscuit or a cookie?

Cakes and cookies both contain comparable ingredients but differing textures, as well as thousands of distinct variations that line those lovely showcases at bakeries.

I’ll now share with you an Italian recipe for biscotti, which resembles both yet delivers a very different texture and flavour.

The term “biscotti,” which literally translates as “a type of biscuit baked twice in Latin,” refers to a flavour that has been around for a long time and has roots in the Roman Empire.

Even though it was occasionally forgotten, Biscotti gained fresh prominence under the name “cantucci” (also known as biscotti di Prato) after the Renaissance because it originated in the Tuscan city of Prato.

Italy is a landlocked nation that is bordered by water on three sides, hence seafaring was the most popular profession. So, biscotti was the ideal candidate when Italian sailors sought a snack that could tolerate extended sea travel.

Due to its double baking, biscotti is a cookie that keeps well. Although the second bake is basically a drying process, the first baking has the consistency of a cake. However, because it contains rich ingredients, the second baking is nourishing and filling.

The crunchy cargo quickly became a favourite of seafarers, especially Christopher Columbus, who spent months at a time at sea.

The word biscotti, a mix of the words biscuit and cookie, eventually gained worldwide recognition.

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