Summer business ideas to get you the perfect side hustle 

Summer is the perfect time to make some extra money by starting a side hustle. With warmer weather and longer days, there are plenty of opportunities to earn some cash. Here are five summer hustles to consider, including one about ice delivery:

  1. Lawn Care: Many people want their lawns to look their best during the summer months. You can offer services like mowing, edging, and trimming to make their yards look great. Advertise your services in your neighborhood or on social media to find clients.
  2. Ice Delivery: As temperatures rise, people need ice to keep their drinks and food cool. An ice distribution business  can provide that service. Invest in a reliable vehicle, a freezer or two to store the ice, and some basic tools like ice scoops and containers. You can purchase ice from a local supplier or make your own if you have the equipment. Advertise your services to local businesses and homeowners to start earning some extra money.
  3. Pool Cleaning: Pools are a popular way to beat the summer heat, but they require maintenance to stay clean and functional. Offer pool cleaning services to busy homeowners who don’t have the time to do it themselves. You’ll need some basic equipment like a pool net and a vacuum, but it’s an easy and profitable way to earn some extra money.
  4. Pet Sitting: With families going on vacation during the summer, there is a high demand for pet sitters. You can offer to take care of people’s pets while they are away, whether it’s feeding them, walking them, or just giving them some company. Advertise your services on local community boards or on social media.
  5. Car Detailing: Cars can get pretty dirty during the summer months, especially if they are used for road trips and outdoor activities. Offer car detailing services to clean and polish cars inside and out. You’ll need some cleaning supplies and equipment like a vacuum and pressure washer, but it’s a lucrative way to make some extra cash.

No matter which summer hustle you choose, make sure to advertise your services effectively, provide high-quality work, and charge reasonable rates. With a little hard work and dedication, you can turn your summer hustle into a profitable business, i found more side like routes for sale on

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