SKO Media Relaunches “Gifted and Cursed” with a Unique Twist: Promoting Cannabis Companies


In an unconventional move, SKO Media is set to relaunch the first eight episodes of their popular podcast, “Gifted and Cursed.” This relaunch brings an exciting opportunity for both the podcast and the struggling cannabis industry, offering cannabis companies a platform to advertise their products. The relaunch holds particular significance, as it will include candid discussions about mental health, including host Joe’s personal experience with a suicide attempt. Listen to the Gifted & Cursed Podcast here.

Empowering Cannabis Companies

The cannabis industry has long faced hurdles when it comes to advertising and marketing. With stringent regulations and social stigma, finding avenues to promote their products has been challenging. SKO Media aims to bridge this gap by providing cannabis companies with a unique opportunity to reach their target audience through the “Gifted and Cursed” podcast. See proof of the SMS database and the service provided by Sko Media.

By exclusively welcoming cannabis sponsors, the relaunched episodes create an environment where cannabis companies can promote their products openly and without reservation. This collaboration opens doors for these businesses to showcase their offerings to a diverse and engaged listener base, while aligning with a popular podcast focused on mental health and personal experiences. Follow the founder of Sko Media Joe Sko at his Facebook page here.

“Gifted and Cursed” and Mental Health Candidness

One of the highlights of the relaunch is the inclusion of episodes where host Joe opens up candidly about his personal struggle with mental health, particularly his suicide attempt. By sharing his story, Joe aims to promote awareness, break the stigma surrounding mental health, and provide a platform for open conversations about these crucial topics.

Both inspirational and thought-provoking, these episodes not only provide a human touch to the podcast but also serve as a reminder of the importance of mental health discussions. The relaunch of these episodes not only offers listeners valuable insights and perspective but also presents an opportunity for the podcast to positively impact countless lives.

Why Cannabis Companies?

While not an obvious choice for sponsorship, partnering with cannabis companies aligns with the themes and values explored in “Gifted and Cursed.” The podcast explores the intricacies of human experiences, emotions, and personal growth, making it a natural fit for cannabis companies looking to connect with a target audience interested in mental well-being and self-improvement.

Moreover, through this collaboration, SKO Media supports the growing cannabis industry, providing a boost to businesses that often face significant challenges in marketing their products. By offering a platform for promotion, the relaunched episodes of “Gifted and Cursed” can help shift misperceptions around cannabis and promote responsible consumption and positive societal change.


The relaunch of SKO Media’s “Gifted and Cursed” podcast brings an innovative approach to addressing advertising challenges within the cannabis industry. By allowing cannabis companies to become sponsors of the show, the podcast aims to offer them a much-needed platform while aligning with their target audience’s interests in mental health and personal growth.

The inclusion of candid discussions about mental health, including Joe’s suicide attempt, adds a vulnerable and relatable element to the podcast. Combined with the opportunity for cannabis companies to promote their products on the show, “Gifted and Cursed” aims to provoke thought, inspire positive change, and challenge traditional advertising norms.

As this unique collaboration unfolds, listeners can anticipate thought-provoking discussions, valuable insights, and newfound perspectives on both mental health and cannabis. Through this bold undertaking, SKO Media is setting the stage for a groundbreaking relaunch of “Gifted and Cursed,” where advertising and content merge to create an impactful listening experience.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with a licensed healthcare professional regarding any mental health concerns. Additionally, check local regulations for the legality of cannabis products in your jurisdiction.

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