SEO Services and 16 Tier Link Building Strategy

1. Introduction to SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the online content and websites so that the search engines will show the results for your specific search. Most of the searches happen on Google, but other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are also popular. It is important to perform the SEO in the standard way in order to get accurate and ethical results. There is also a concept of giving paid results in the searches that is called SEM, which stands for search engine marketing. So, the keywords used for the popular searches in the specific area. For example, if we want to search a dental clinic in Bugis, then we will use keywords such as “best dental clinic in Bugis,” “dentists in Bugis,” or “dental Bugis.” If an SEO company will rank this dental website at the top of the search, all the traffic that comes to this website will be increased. As explained earlier, SEO is the process of optimization, so there are two types of optimizations: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. We will discuss these types further in the next article. However, I will briefly illustrate the concept of these types, that is, what is on-page and off-page optimization. Every business company is investing in SEO services due to the revenue generation from online sales. SEO helps businesses to get the topmost ranking against their products and services. SEO at the initial phase is the main part of the brand awareness because when people search for their desired product, they always look for the first link in the result. And when the website reaches the top ranking, more and more people will see the business and sales as well as online revenue will increase. The major advantages of implementing SEO services in any business is to get long-term results and it is a cost-effective solution for online marketing. It helps to increase the brand visibility through the top rankings. Also, it generates higher sales by attracting more traffic to the website. Last but not least, it builds up the trust of the online users as to why the website is at the top of the search and the more results come from the front page. However, SEO results are not instantly compared to the search engine marketing results (SEM). It takes time to get to the top results, but all the results came from SEO are accurate and long-lasting. I hope now you have a better understanding of what SEO is and why it is so important in the market nowadays. I will keep on posting more articles about SEO. So, always stay connected.

2. Importance of Keywords in SEO

First, the quantity of the traffic which is inclusive of the number of visitors in a search engine. Clearly, more visitors. Second, the quality of the traffic as any business would prefer the right users who are actually interested in your products. Last but not least, it is important that attention should be given to the conversion of the traffic into actual business.

Every site should have an analytic structure and the footer links as these things not only help the visitors but also the search engines to find other information on the website. This is a major plus in SEO terms.

Every SEO expert knows that the main engine which leads traffic to a website is the search engine. But to get that traffic, the webpage needs to rank. And what he believes based on what the researches have shown now and what researches will show in the future, is that the search engines favor the keywords that appear in the URL.

While the meta description tag is not going to help in boosting up the page rank, it is used as the text for the listing in many search engines. Bearing in mind that it is a good practice to keep the keyword in the meta description tag.

Google and other major search engines like the most authentic webpage and the most important factor they feel is the content. SEO experts thus advise web developers to keep the keyword in the title tag of their webpages. This is because search engine comparisons heavily rely on it. The search engine spiders first look at the pages with that particular keyword in the title.

Keywords have a great role to play in modern SEO. It is important that web developers keep the main keyword of the webpage in the URL as Google, Yahoo, and all the other major search engines like those URLs which have the webpage keyword in it. The keyword should not be limited to the text of the webpages. In fact, due attention should be given to the image filenames and ALT text because while they may seem minor, they could prove to be a great source of optimization for a website.

The recent trend in search engine optimization techniques has underlined the fact that the use of the right keywords is the key for the success of a holistic SEO campaign. SEO is not just about getting a large volume of traffic to your website. In fact, the main aim of an SEO expert is to attract the right traffic with the help of the right keywords.

3. SEO Services in Singapore

As a testament to the leading position of Sotavento Medios in the SEO industry in Singapore, the company has been awarded as one of the top SEO companies by TopSEOs. Sotavento Medios was recognized as Best in Search and Excellence in SEO in 2016 and 2017. In addition, the company has also been awarded Singapore in 2017 and Best in Search in 2018. These awards serve as a strong vote of confidence by industry players on the excellence in providing SEO Singapore by Sotavento Medios.

Sotavento Medios offers both traditional and progressive SEO solutions. These solutions are designed for quick impact and also for long term success. They are ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With the advanced SEO technology, the company is able to provide successful online solutions for their clients.

Last but not least, a comprehensive content marketing strategy will be drawn up for the clients. There is a need to continuously update fresh contents for the website so as to maintain and improve the website’s visibility.

Video SEO is recommended for companies in Singapore who wish to market their products and services. This is especially so when YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform and the second largest search engine in the world.

SEO audit, also known as on-page optimization, is focused on identifying issues with the website that could be impacting its visibility on search engines. The main focus of this service is to make sure that the website is favoring relevant, popular, and highly searched keywords.

In-depth keyword research will be conducted. The SEO consultant will review and select the most effective keywords for the website. These selected keywords will be organized according to the search volume and the keyword’s suitability to the pages. This helps the website to attract more quality traffic.

For local search strategy, it is vital to businesses that target the local market. As more and more people in Singapore use mobile phones to search for things, local search strategy is becoming more imminent to businesses which have an online presence.

SEO consultation is important as it helps the company to understand the needs of clients. SEO consultants at Sotavento Medios work closely with clients in their SEO assessment and advise them in the roadmap to achieve top search engine ranking.

Sotavento Medios specializes in online advertising and online marketing. It is now known to be a leading SEO company in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of SEO services. These services include SEO consultation, local search strategy, in-depth keyword research, SEO audit, video SEO, and content marketing.

4. Sotavento Medios: A Leading SEO Company in Singapore

William Chan is a hardworking professional and SEO specialist. Sotavento Medios is a leading SEO company in Singapore. It is well-known for its data-driven SEO services. One of the unique selling propositions (USP) of Sotavento Medios is that every SEO campaign is supported almost exclusively with research, data, and advanced technical strategies. The company is also recognized for their 16 Tier SEO link building service. Sotavento Medios adopts a holistic approach towards SEO; every aspect of their service is backed up by academics or years of research. According to William, “SEO is a dynamic industry and that is the reason why we treat every SEO project as a research project as well. We are very dynamic in our SEO approaches; the next project is always done better than the previous.” William’s view is shared by many digital marketers and professionals. Many other smaller agencies tend to keep to conventional SEO strategies, such as focusing exclusively on keyword research or building backlinks from low-quality websites. However, William and his team are dedicated to pioneering new SEO strategies that are supported by high-quality research and analysis. This was when the 16 Tier SEO link building service was conceptualized and developed. At face level, the 16 Tier SEO link building strategy is an advanced and technically complicated process. It involves the use of 16 different layers of backlinks, starting off with a “money website” and culminating in link number 16 (tier 16 in SEO terms) which permanently increases the popularity and Google rankings of a target website. William shared that “We always want to build something that is sustainable and also in compliance with Google best practices. Actualization and innovation in methods and practices in SEO is something that we embrace.” This testimony reflects well on the goals of Sotavento Medios; being dynamic in their SEO practices and providing only the best, research-backed SEO strategies for their clients.

5. Understanding the 16 Tier Link Building Strategy

The structure of the 16 tier link building strategy mirrors the typical website and how link juice or authoritative passes from one page to another throughout the website. The structure starts with Tier 1 on the outside and the structure as a whole acts like a funnel. A large amount of traffic and link juice entering at Tier 1 will then pass down through the levels in the structure, slowly being filtered as it goes. This allows for a more even distribution of the link juice to the deeper pages that actually are used and targeted by the website. Starting from Tier 1, this level represents the links that are directly connected to a main website. This level will include most of the authoritative and most used pages, such as the main page and also the pages that are linked directly from the main page. Due to SEO and page ranking algorithms, search engines will try and “make semantic sense” of the link structure of the website. As an important note here, it is much more effective to build these links naturally and with some link variation instead of following a pattern that may be identified as a link structure “manufactured” for the purpose of upward linking. At Tier 2, this level connects to the pages in Tier 1 with almost as much authority yet the amount of traffic and link juice entering here will be “diluted” compared to Tier 1, therefore it is important to note that not all the important pages of the website should be linked from the Tier 1 level. On larger and more complicated websites, it may be appropriate to create a Tier 1A if multiple main categories exist for the website.

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