Ricordami vs. The Million Roses: A Comprehensive Review

As luxury gifting has taken center stage, preserved rose arrangements have emerged as the ultimate symbol of deep-seated emotions and timeless affection. As the allure of these eternal blooms continues to captivate hearts worldwide, Ricordami and The Million Roses rise as the two titans in this niche market. This comprehensive review will delve into the heart of these brands, exploring their offerings, unique attributes, and customer feedback. While both brands have their merits, one distinctly shines brighter, offering a promise of unparalleled luxury and commitment. Read on to discover which brand truly stands out in the realm of preserved roses.

A Glimpse into the Brands

Ricordami: Positioning itself as the pinnacle of luxury in preserved roses, Ricordami’s motto, “Crafted to captivate. Made to remember,” speaks volumes. Their dedication to opulence is evident in their sourcing of roses from select independent farms worldwide. These roses, handpicked at their zenith, guarantee unparalleled quality for their customers.

The Million Roses:Setting itself apart with a diverse range of preserved flowers, The Million Roses promises not just momentary beauty but lasting memories, enduring for an impressive three years or more. Their offerings transcend mere products, morphing into memorable experiences tailored for every special occasion. Additionally, their emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness is noteworthy. One of their standout offerings is the “Proposal” collection. Recognizing the significance of proposals, The Million Roses has curated special arrangements designed to house engagement rings, turning the moment of proposal into an unforgettable experience.


Diving into the Offerings

Ricordami: Ricordami’s offerings are a testament to the brand’s commitment to luxury and elegance. Their products are sourced from independent farms globally, ensuring that each rose is harvested at its peak bloom. Their website showcases a range of arrangements, from simple yet elegant single roses to grand domes. What truly distinguishes Ricordami is their “Arrangement Creator,” a feature that empowers customers to design their own unique rose arrangement, selecting from a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. This customization ensures that every arrangement is as individual as the person receiving it.

The Million Roses: The Million Roses offers a diverse range of preserved flowers, emphasizing personalization and uniqueness. Their collections range from classic rose arrangements to more innovative designs, such as their “Proposal” collection, which is tailored to make moments like proposals unforgettable. Their roses, sourced from sun-kissed fields in Ecuador, undergo a preservation process that ensures they retain their beauty for years. The brand prides itself on offering a wide spectrum of colors, from traditional reds and whites to more contemporary shades like lavender and blue. Their premium rose boxes, filled with luxurious preserved roses, are perfect for those looking to make a grand gesture. Whether it’s a single rose or a lavish box, The Million Roses ensures that each product is a testament to luxury and lasting beauty.

Now that we’ve covered a little bit of background on each brand and its respective product offering, let’s dive into the purchasing details that savvy shoppers will want to take note of before coming to a final decision.

Assurances and Return Policies

Ricordami: Their unwavering confidence in their products is reflected in their limited lifetime warranty, covering any potential damage to the preserved florals, barring neglect or improper care. For other products, their customer-centric return policy underscores their commitment to a seamless shopping experience.

The Million Roses: While they claim that their roses can last for up to three years, they do not extend a warranty. However, they commit to replacing any products compromised during shipping.

Our Pick: When it comes to assurances and return policies, Ricordami takes the lead with their comprehensive lifetime warranty and customer-focused return policy. The Million Roses, while offering a longevity guarantee, falls short in providing a product warranty.

Evaluating the Price Points

Ricordami: Embodying luxury, Ricordami’s products start at $150 for the Single Round, escalating to a plush $1,350 for the Large Dome. Their “Arrangement Creator” offers customization at varying price points, with select gifts available for budget-conscious buyers below $100.

The Million Roses: Catering to a broad spectrum of clients, their pricing strategy ensures luxury is within reach for all, from exclusive collections to seasonal sales.

Our Pick: While Ricordami positions itself in the premium segment with a starting price point that reflects luxury, The Million Roses offers a more diverse pricing strategy, catering to a wider audience. However, for those seeking bespoke luxury, Ricordami stands out.


Customer Feedback

Ricordami: Their stellar reputation is reinforced by their customer feedback. Boasting over 10,000 contented customers and an impressive 1K+ 5-star reviews, Ricordami’s commitment to excellence is undeniable.

The Million Roses: Despite media accolades, their Trustpilot rating lingers at 2.1, with prevalent concerns about stock availability, delivery reliability, and customer service. It’s prudent for buyers to research thoroughly before committing.

Our Pick: In terms of customer feedback, Ricordami clearly outshines The Million Roses with a significantly higher number of positive reviews and customer satisfaction. The Million Roses, despite its media mentions, faces challenges in customer service, as reflected in their Trustpilot rating.

The Final Verdict


In the luxury preserved rose arena, both Ricordami and The Million Roses have made their mark. However, considering product quality, brand reputation, and customer satisfaction, Ricordami takes the lead. Their unwavering commitment to luxury, coupled with unparalleled customization options, sets them a class apart.

While The Million Roses boasts an extensive product range and customization, buyers should weigh the overall value and product longevity. Ultimately, for those prioritizing top-tier quality, bespoke experiences, and a brand that truly backs its offerings, Ricordami stands unmatched.

Choosing a lasting symbol of affection is a monumental decision. With Ricordami, you’re not merely purchasing a product; you’re securing a commitment to luxury, unmatched quality, and enduring elegance.

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