Outdoor Heating Ideas for your Garden

Summer is all about long, sunny days in the garden that last into the evening. However, when the sun sets, it can often feel quite cold and chilly. If you want to spend more time outside and stay warm, consider outdoor heating ideas.

Aside from providing warmth, an outdoor fireplace, wood burner, or firepit ideas can be a fantastic focal point feature in any outdoor area. They can help to define the space and tie together an outdoor design scheme. An outdoor fire adds instant ambience and creates a natural gathering point for guests to gravitate to and linger around when entertaining into the evening.

Outdoor heating ideas

The type of outdoor heating you choose will be determined by the size of your outdoor setup and whether you want a permanent heating feature or a portable design that can be stored away when not in use. Consider the ease of use as well. There are the best firepits, baskets, and burners that use wood or solid fuel to burn, as well as gas-powered and MDE Electrical supplies that provide warmth with the flip of a switch.

1. Create a focal point fireplace

If you enjoy spending time outside all year and have the space as part of your patio ideas, why not consider installing a permanent outdoor fireplace? A sheltered area or covered verandah is ideal for an outdoor living room. Furthermore, installing a fireplace feature (or utilising an existing one) will keep the entire area warm and dry, extending the time you can use your outdoor space.

Outdoor fireplaces are built similarly to indoor fireplaces, with a flue that directs smoke up the chimney rather than out into the seating area. Expensive brick-built setups similar to indoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchen-style grills and cooking spaces, simple chimineas, or rustic wood burners are all possible.

‘Depending on the type of fireplace you want to build, the cost of building an outdoor fireplace could range from £600 upwards,’ says Harry Bodell, gardening expert at Price Your Job(opens in new tab). ‘Alternatively, installing a small, pre-fabricated fireplace unit will be less expensive than constructing a massive handmade stone fireplace.

2. Opt for a centrepiece stove

Nothing beats a roaring fire for instant ambiance outside. If you prefer something more contained than a blazing open fire outside, a wood-burning stove is a good option that will produce plenty of heat while also serving as a stylish focal point for a patio or terrace.

Mesh doors, a metal grate, and a chimney promote airflow and allow logs to burn more efficiently, while the rusted-finish steel of this design adds a rustic charm that is ideal for a country setting.

3. Turn up the heat with a chiminea

Consider a compact chiminea to warm up the space if patio space is limited or if you have an area further along the garden that could benefit from some heat as well. Chimineas, which are typically made of clay, cast iron, or steel, are compact in size and take up less space than similar garden fire pit ideas.

Chimineas are a traditional form of outdoor heating that originated in Mexico, with a traditional design of a round lower body topped by a vertical smokestack, and although modern variations of the design are available, they function in a similar manner. Because the body of a chiminea can become quite hot, it should be placed on a heat-resistant surface or tiled mat for safety.

4. Add impact with a freestanding fireplace

While brick-built fireplaces make an excellent focal point, they are expensive and will be a permanent fixture in an outdoor space, so this must be considered. Consider a freestanding fireplace as a lighter-weight, moveable option that will add a focal point to an outdoor space but requires no permanent fixtures and can be easily moved around.

This iron fireplace has a built-in flue and is compact but eye-catching. It incorporates a wood-burning area, a grill above for warming food, and a small log store beneath.

5. Keep it simple with a fire basket

Consider a simple fire basket for a low-maintenance option that will provide plenty of heat for your garden seating area. A basket’s compact size makes it a good option for smaller spaces because it is lightweight and easy to move around, whether you want to move it up the garden or take it with you to the beach.

Check that any logs you burn are dry and well-seasoned. Damp wood produces a lot of smoke and makes it difficult to start a good hot fire. Kiln-dried wood is a good choice, but it is more expensive. Paving slabs or stone can be used to protect the surface beneath a fire basket or fire pit.

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