Mushroom Growing Kits

Urban Farm-It offers an easy and fun mushroom growing kit, including a code to order mushroom spawn when ready.

These kits also include instructions for building a simple fruiting chamber to increase humidity levels – something some other kits don’t do properly.


Mushroom growing kits make it possible for anyone to cultivate healthy mushrooms at home, without starting from scratch. A mushroom growing kit typically includes pre-sterilized substrate, mushroom spores or mycelium and step-by-step instructions; depending on the species of mushroom chosen it may also include logs or bags to grow your crop in. Mushroom kits provide an ideal way to get into growing mushrooms for beginners who feel intimidated by starting from scratch.

Purchase of mushroom spawn can be time consuming and costly; inoculating substrate requires meticulous care in order to avoid contamination. A mushroom kit provides a cost-effective and simple solution to getting started growing mushrooms yourself; some kits even come equipped with a grow guarantee so newcomers have some assurance of success!

Beginner-friendly mushroom kits typically include an inoculated block of substrate – often composed of sawdust or straw – that has been sterilized and inoculated with mycelium or spores, with some also featuring logs for growth, as well as being designed specifically to fit inside specially designed mushroom grow bags. When purchasing such kits, always read reviews first to ensure it will provide adequate value and produce mushrooms of sufficient quality to meet your expectations.

As well as perusing online forums to gauge their experiences with particular kits you are considering, it can also be worthwhile checking online reviews to gauge quality and success rate of different options as well as understanding which ingredients may be needed for successful cultivation of your species of choice.

North Spore’s “Spray & Grow” kit is one of the premier beginner-friendly mushroom growing kits on the market, featuring Lion’s Mane and Blue Oyster mushroom sprays. This Maine-based company also provides other kits, such as Lion’s Mane and Blue Oyster sprays. This simple-to-use kit provides clear instructions for growing mushrooms at home – featuring spray nozzle and mister, plus thermometer and hygrometer to help maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels to facilitate mushroom growth.

Easy to Maintain

The Best Home Mushroom Growing Kits are great starter projects because they require minimal equipment or special growing environments, and once fruiting begins they’re relatively straightforward to care for. Simply mist them with fine water spray regularly – usually 2-3 times per day is advised depending on the kit – to maintain moisture in both their growing substrate and mushroom pins. Missing an occasional misting session won’t be catastrophic but could take some adjustment time before your results become visible.

At the core of using a mushroom grow kit lies its success is sufficient light, airflow and moisture for healthy mushrooms to flourish. Since they’re grown from spores, cold environments shouldn’t be their home – instead opt for bright places like your kitchen cabinet or windowsill as your ideal spot.

Most kits will yield multiple harvests if properly maintained. After each harvest, remove the mushrooms from their casings and rinse off any residual spawn with water to avoid contamination. After using up all your supplies, spray it daily until new mushrooms appear!

Some kits can be more challenging, like those for growing morels. Instead of pre-fruited blocks, inoculated sawdust must be introduced into compatible growing medium. But with enough effort and perseverance they can be very rewarding!

One downside of advanced mushroom grow kits is their availability; many stores only sell them online and some of the better mushroom growers don’t even offer them in store.

The top mushroom kits are easy to maintain and produce multiple harvests each season, perfect for beginners looking to enjoy homegrown mushrooms. Mushrooms should be stored in paper bags or plastic boxes for 3-4 days prior to consumption; for maximum flavor and texture preservation you can freeze your harvests as well.

Variety of Mushrooms Available

Some grow kits offer more than just variety in mushroom types; they also provide different substrates. Sawdust is usually included, while some companies also provide compost or even nutrient-rich soil that can make a significant impactful difference to both quality and quantity of your crop.

Another key consideration when choosing a mushroom kit is your desired mushroom variety(s). Certain kits guarantee only one “flush,” or harvest, of mushrooms; others offer multiple flushes over time, explains Dorr. Finally, your level of interest and experience should also come into play before selecting one; “Mushrooms can be tricky, and some species require greater skill and time commitment,” according to Bunyard.

Easy Mushroom growing kits consist of pre-colonized blocks of mycelium covered by substrate. Most are shipped once fully colonized; some can remain dormant before fruiting begins. You can usually tell when it’s time to open one by looking at its color, texture and smell: mycelium should be dark brown without an offensive aroma and thicker in areas near where it meets substrate than elsewhere.

Once mycelium has colonized a mushroom kit, regular misting is necessary to maximize mushroom production. Some growers use an attachment-mounted mister while others simply place it in an environment such as kitchen or living room where humidity levels remain consistent.

Plug spawn is an alternative option for mushroom growers who don’t yet want to commit fully to mushroom growing, offering an economical yet easy-to-use growing setup without investing too much time and space in it. Plug spawn works by inoculating dowels with Shiitake mycelium before hammering them into logs or stumps in order to encourage mushroom growth. These kits, known as “mushroom logs,” are popular with experienced mushroom farmers but can be difficult for beginners as the incubation period may cause some strains to produce less-than-ideal results; nevertheless they offer great mushroom growing opportunities without taking over either space or time commitment!

Easy to Grow

Have you ever experienced the joys of growing an indoor herb or vegetable garden? Mushroom growing kits offer similar satisfaction while providing edible harvests! However, it should be noted that mushrooms require special conditions in order to flourish; depending on which variety of mushrooms you plan on cultivating there are kits with different degrees of ease-of-use available to suit each one.

One-step kits offer an easier experience, providing everything needed for inoculating and growing mushrooms right out of the box. This method works best for people who prefer not to touch or handle their mushrooms; simply leave it alone in a dark and warm area until the growing process starts! Other methods require you to inoculate a substrate independently which may prove more challenging and require you to follow specific procedures when inoculating it yourself – something more complex for beginners to manage.

The best mushroom growing kits will come with clear instructions that are easily understood by beginners, making the experience less intimidating and daunting. Furthermore, these instructions will include specifics for growing whatever species of mushroom you intend to cultivate; some types require misting two or three times daily while others only require spraying once daily.

Mushroom kits vary in terms of their purpose; some can produce only one flush (harvest of mushrooms), while others can be reused to cultivate multiple batches. Therefore, it is wise to consider your available time when purchasing a kit.

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