Medical Marijuana Conditions for Texas

You must first ascertain whether you meet the criteria for medical marijuana in order to be considered a candidate. It is crucial for you to comprehend the rules particular to your state of residence because conditions differ from state to state. We have compiled a list of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Texas in an effort to make that process simpler for you. You are already on the road to the potential advantages of medicinal marijuana if you have been diagnosed with one of these qualifying diseases. If your condition(s) is(are) not currently listed on the qualifying conditions list, check back frequently as medical marijuana regulations change almost monthly.

How do you get a medical marijuana card in Texas?

Visit an experienced doctor to get a referral for medical marijuana.
The doctor then enrols you in Texas’ online system CURT.
The Texas shops can see that you are qualified to purchase medical marijuana because you are registered in the system.
To establish their identity and place of residence, patients must present a current Texas driver’s licence or official state-issued identification card.

What’s the latest about making medical marijuana legal?

5/3/21 – Parallel, a national marijuana business, introduces the first medical marijuana pills for Texans under the Compassionate Use Programme.

5/2/21 – Recent passage of Texas House Bill 1535 may enable the state’s existing medical marijuana programme to be expanded to cover new qualifying diseases, such as PTSD, and to raise the THC ceiling from 0.5% to 5.0%. With the approval of this new measure, people with chronic pain, crippling illnesses, and any type of cancer would also be eligible for medicinal marijuana in Texas.

Texas’ House of Representatives passes a bill on April 29, decriminalising marijuana possession and substantially enhancing the state’s medical marijuana programme. A misdemeanour with no possibility of jail time, the measure decriminalises the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis.

4/19/21 – A multi-million dollar cannabis production and retail facility was built as a result of parallel cannabis businesses, enhancing San Antonio area patients’ access to medical marijuana while also generating hundreds of new jobs.

House Bill 3703, which expands the list of medical ailments that patients can use cannabis for, was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. This legislation is expected to boost dispensary sales under the state’s restricted MMJ programme.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, is only permitted in trace amounts in medicinal marijuana products in Texas. It is not possible to smoke these goods. Only oil and inhaler forms of medical marijuana are available in Texas’ sole dispensary. The THC limit of 0.5% was left in place.

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