Massive Warehouse Investment Marks a Milestone in Global E-Commerce

Delaware, United States – Turkish entrepreneurs Kadir Başaran and Kemal Çakıcı have opened a massive warehouse in Delaware, a strategic location in America that not only delights Turks but also entrepreneurs from all around the world establishing businesses in the U.S. This facility offers cargo and storage services to businesses active on e-commerce platforms and represents a pivotal advancement for both local and global trade participants.

“Investments sometimes require great courage; this is the product of such courage,” says Kadir Başaran. Initiated with a substantial amount of $500,000, this project is expected to reach a total investment of $1 million by the end of 2024. With this investment, the warehouse will provide employment for over 20 people in Delaware and serve more than a thousand customers within the year.

Discussing his plans, Başaran adds, “We won’t stop with just this first warehouse in Delaware. We aim to open our second and third warehouses here as well. Thus, we will offer the tax-free shopping benefits of Delaware to all entrepreneurs from across the globe who run businesses in America.”

The warehouse has attracted significant interest not only from Turkish entrepreneurs but also from Italian, Indian, Chinese, and many other international business people. This facility enables entrepreneurs worldwide to more effectively sell their products in major markets such as America, Canada, and the UK.

“It seems that Kadir Başaran and Kemal Çakıcı’s initiative is already destined to go down in history as a Turkish success on the global e-commerce stage. The opening of this warehouse is not just a storage facility; it also serves as a transformation center for international business practices.”

This project is bound to turn the Delaware area into a hub of attraction, particularly in the e-commerce and logistics sectors. Led by Turkish entrepreneurs, this investment elevates Turkey’s name on the global stage. The daring steps taken by Kadir Başaran and Kemal Çakıcı not only inspire other Turkish businesspeople but also kindle the hopes of many more entrepreneurs worldwide to conduct business in America.

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