Marketing Ideas for Traditional Retailers

In the current extremely competitive economy, brick-and-mortar merchants probably have it the hardest: They not merely have to stress about fighting with some other retailers, but they need to confront above against the increasing tide of e-commerce shops. In such a cutthroat atmosphere, brick-and-mortar retailers have to do all they can to establish themselves apart and make a uniquely unforgettable experience so they might attract new clients and retain the existing ones. In this environment, in-store demos can make an enormous difference, which is why they’ve turned out to be a vital element of retail marketing strategy for many CPG brands and traditional retailers.

The Importance of In Store Demos

In-store demos can significantly support a merchant in enhancing the customer experience, thereby boosting retention and guest satisfaction. Are you pondering what in store samplings bring to the table for a traditional retailer? Here is a summary of ways in-store demos will help a merchant attract and retain customers:

Getting all of the consumer’s sensory faculties

An in-store product demo, unlike internet promotions, intentionally engages a client’s feelings. A food sampling station, for instance, will attract the shopper to taste, smell, and hear the story of the meals being promoted. In contrast, a perfume station enables a client to smell the scent and judge whether it’s the proper choice. Nothing can substitute for the particular, multi-dimensional experience of merchandise.

Enhancing customer experience and shoppers relations

With immediate communication required, clients can individually inquire about specific things they are interested in. An in store demo is a good way of contributing to the customer experience and sparking WOM Marketing wave. With greater clarity regarding the merchandise and having engaged with it exclusively, clients tend to be more apt to feel secure in their decision and can be a little more comfortable in returning to a location where they find their concerns and doubts appropriately addressed. Along with a market delivering these kinds of positive experiences can be sure to create long-term customer relationships.

Brand Ambassadors can elevate product knowledge of the retailer’s staff

With experienced Brand Ambassadors visiting the market for the demo, it’s only natural that they will impart a good deal of understanding of the product to the staff. This will make employees better equipped to offer those goods and better convince brand advocates in their own right, which all work to bring potential to the retailer’s ability to create a lot more revenue.

Timely customer feedback for the new brand and product development

In-store demos are a highly effective way of collecting authentic customer comments about how they experience a brand-new item or maybe a difference to a well-known one. Store sampling would allow the brand to initiate changes quicker, allowing the retailer to promote the preferred item more effectively. Furthermore, this feedback is critical to the vendors in enhancing their products AND marketing messaging. Store product demo enables you as a merchant to entice preferred vendors to your stores as you support their efforts to deliver a far more popular model of the products.

Why Do Retailers Want Demo Wizard?

Hosting and organizing a couple of compelling in-store demos per month in a single-store location could be a logistical nightmare. Scheduling and coordination require too much time and labor to make everything happen, the time and labor which are already short and expensive in most retail establishments. Plus a couple of store sampling events per month hardly move the proverbial needle in measuring the increased sales per square foot potential that daily product demos can deliver.

Production of flawless events at scale is precisely where Demo Wizard excels. This Demo Event Management software makes in store demo hosting and coordination a breeze. It helps to link events calendars of the retailer category managers and buyers, product vendors, brand ambassadors, and distributors online to synchronize specific details for every event and location, eliminating the demand for endless emails and phone calls with lengthy waiting times.

With such state-of-the-art web-based software by your side, you can feel positive about your ability to control a plethora of in-store demos effectively without additional time and labor expenses. 

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