Maritime engine spares regeneration – how to choose a reliable service provider?

To bring your engine back to its initial state, it’s worth reconditioning the spare parts. This way, you’ll be prepared for any eventuality without investing in new elements. Check what the propulsion services may cover and how to find a reliable partner that will provide you with them.

The marine diesel engine spares regeneration services are becoming increasingly popular in the industry as an alternative to parts exchange. Due to the fluctuating and harsh marine conditions to which these spare parts are exposed, their useful life might be relatively short. Even though the engine manufacturers tend to choose the materials that stand out with high resistance, with time, their usability may decrease until it gets to the point where using them would compromise the security of the ship.

With the help of experienced propulsion specialists, you can restore the spare parts for use, cutting the replacement costs. What does this process look like, and what can you expect from a reliable propulsion services provider?

Propulsion services – what can you expect?

A company delivering propulsion services may carry out a wide range of works. However, in general, it should be able to:

restore the bronze and stainless steel hubs by covering cracks and wear-outs and regenerating the radial/axial bearing fitting restore the CPP and blades from bronze Cu3 weld and straighten the tips of the broken blades regenerate the cone surface

What can the engine reconditioning process look like?

The shape of the process depends on the specifics of the spare parts as well as the level of damage. It may turn out that it’s only your blades that need some straightening – but you may also need a full overhaul. A trustable service provider will always carry out thorough expertise before launching works and provide you with an estimated quote so that there are no surprises at the end of the process.

At this point, you may be wondering whether the inspection and repair have to take place in a workshop. The answer is – it depends. Some companies limit themselves to working in their own workshops, while others offer the CPP regeneration on board. It’s worth verifying it before so that you know whether the service goes in line with your needs.

How to choose a reliable propelling service provider?

Make sure that the company covers its services with a guarantee. We recommend picking service providers with a guarantee of at least 6 months. Remember that the companies usually have the specified spectrum of brands they work with. In the case of engine spare parts, the most common ones include Kamewa, Kawasaki, CAT, Rolls Royce, Brunvoll, Jastram, Wartsila, and Nakashima.

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