List of Ultimate Lawn Edging Products

Plastic Lawn Edging

Try using a post-consumer plastic product for eco-friendly edging, such as a brown lawn edging coil that is 100% recycled and has a textured, wood-grained appearance that integrates with mulch, rocks, or dirt. This style of edging creates a sturdy boundary to stop grass from growing by using plastic stakes and blocks during installation.

Aluminum + Steel Lawn Edging

For regions with straight lines, aluminium or steel edging works well because it won’t corrode, decay, or become brittle. It may be shaped into many shapes and is stake-installed. This kind of landscape edging is ideal for flower beds, tree rings, walks and paths, brick or stone patios, gardens drip margins, and more. 

Decorative Lawn Edging

The range of decorative Lawn Edging by Core Landscaping Products materials includes everything from grey stone-looking faux concrete walkways to white plastic lattice. This kind of landscape edging is typically poured or installed “permanently” by a professional into your yard, but it isn’t flexible if your landscape design plan changes.

Brick + Stone Lawn Edging

Until they are installed a few inches into the ground, bricks, concrete blocks, and stones do not prevent the development or cross-growing of plants or grasses. They are excellent for ornamental landscaping edging (as opposed to being laid or stacked on top of the ground). This kind of landscaping edging is regarded as both a decorative component and a functional barrier. Although it can need more work than stake-installed edging, it often lasts considerably longer and can become a permanent feature of the landscaping around your home.

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