Kids Physical Activities Ways to Get Children Up and Moving This Summer

The summer holidays are here, and you want to make sure your kids don’t end up glued to screens all day. As a parent, keeping children active and entertained over the break from school can feel like an impossible task at times. But getting kids up and moving has so many benefits, from both a physical and mental health perspective. The key is finding activities that don’t seem like exercise, so they won’t realise how much they’re benefiting.

You don’t need expensive camps or clubs to keep kids active. There are plenty of fun ways to motivate children to get out and about without them even noticing the physical benefits. According to some of kids activity experts physically active kids make more brain boost than average kids. Setting small challenges, playing games together, and getting outside in nature are all simple solutions to inspire kids to move this summer. The options are endless, you just need a dose of creativity and enthusiasm. Let their imagination run wild and join in – your kids will appreciate the time together, and you’ll all feel better for it. Summer should be an adventure, not sat in front of screens. Get ready for some fun in the sun!

Why Physical Activity Is Important for Kids

Kids these days spend way too much time sitting around staring at screens. Physical activity is essential for children’s health, growth, and development.

Get them outside

The best way to get kids moving is to kick them outside. Have them go for walks or bike rides, play in the yard, go swimming, or join a sports team. Fresh air and sunshine provide vitamin D, which is important for bone health and growth.

Lead by example

Children often mimic parents’ habits. If you live an active lifestyle, your kids will follow your lead. Play with them, join their activities, walk together, work out as a family. They’ll build good habits and associate exercise with having fun.

Set limits on screen time

All that TV, phone and computer use cuts into time that could be spent engaged in physical play. Set some reasonable limits and encourage your kids to do active things like playing make-believe, jumping rope, riding scooters or just running around outside.

Make it fun

Kids should enjoy being active, so find physical outlets they genuinely love. Play games together like tag, hopscotch or hide and seek. Get sports equipment like balls, kites, bubbles, etc. Put on some music and dance together. Laughter and play are the best incentives.

With the right motivation and opportunities, you can get your kids up and moving this summer. The benefits to their health, growth, and development will last them a lifetime. Now get outside and play!

Outdoor Activities to Get Kids Moving This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get your kids outside and active. Here are some fun activities to inspire them to move:

Go on a bike ride

Cycling is a great way for kids to get exercise and fresh air. Take a family bike ride around your neighbourhood or at a local park. For younger kids, attach training wheels or try a balance bike. Helmets are a must for safety.

Have a backyard campout

Pitch a tent, toast marshmallows over a fire, and tell spooky stories. Kids will have a blast and get plenty of exercise setting up camp and playing outdoor games like tag, Frisbee and hopscotch.

Visit a playground

Swinging, sliding, climbing, bouncing – playgrounds offer lots of ways for children to burn energy and build coordination and balance skills. Find a playground in your local park and let the kids run free.

Go swimming

Swimming provides an enjoyable full-body workout for kids. Visit a pool, lake or splash pad and kids can swim, splash, dive and play pool games like Marco Polo. Always supervise children in and around water and require life jackets when appropriate.

Have a water balloon or squirt gun fight

What kid doesn’t love a fun water fight on a hot summer day? Stock up on water balloons, squirt guns, hoses and other water toys and let the battle begin! This activity also helps kids cool down and hydrates them while they’re exercising.

With so many fun options, your kids will be up and active in no time this summer. Get outside, let them run free and make memories to last far beyond the season.

Set Up a Backyard Play Area With a Bouncy Castle Combo Unit

The backyard is the perfect place for kids to get outside and move during the summer. One of the best investments you can make is a bouncy castle combo unit. Here we found some helpful insights on the bouncy castle subject from experts. These typically include a slide, climbing wall, and of course, a bouncy area for jumping.

Set it up

Choose a level area of your yard and ensure there are no overhead power lines. Inflate the bouncy castle unit and secure it according to the instructions. Set some ground rules for safety like no shoes, no rough play, and only a certain number of kids at a time. Provide shade, seating for parents, and snacks to make it an all-day event.

Add activities

Place hula hoops, balls, Frisbees and other toys in the bounce area to inspire games. See who can bounce the highest, do the most jumps in a minute or keep the ball up the longest. Set up obstacles courses, hopscotch grids or four square courts on the flat tarp area surrounding the bounce zone.

Get bouncing!

Kids of all ages will have a blast jumping, bouncing and playing in one of these combo units. Not only is it fun, but it provides exercise and helps build balance, coordination and motor skills. Little ones can work on basic skills like hopping, skipping and jumping. Older kids will enjoy more challenging activities like playing dodgeball or basketball in the bounce house.

A bouncy castle in your own backyard is an easy, entertaining way to get kids outside and burning off energy this summer. With some basic toys, games and rules, children will be bouncing and playing for hours. The options for fun are endless! What activities would your kids enjoy in a bouncy castle combo unit?

Organise Fun Games for Family Bonding Time

Getting kids outside and active is so important, especially in the summer months when school is out. Organising some fun games for family bonding time is a great way to encourage physical activity and make memories.

Classic Games

Games that have been around for generations are always a good place to start. Things like tag, hide and seek, hopscotch and jumping rope are easy to set up and kids already know how to play. These classic games provide hours of entertainment and exercise.

You can also teach kids some of the games you played as a child. Teach them how to play jacks, pick up sticks, horseshoes or lawn darts (with proper safety precautions!). Sharing these kinds of traditions creates an opportunity for learning and bringing generations together.

Get Wet!

When the temperatures rise, water games are a perfect solution. Set up a sprinkler for kids to run through, fill up a kiddie pool or invest in a Slip ‘N Slide. Water balloons, squirt guns and hoses also provide relief from the heat while getting kids moving.

Obstacle Courses

Create an obstacle course in your backyard to challenge kids’ balance, agility and coordination. Use things like hula hoops to hop in and out of, balls to dribble, tunnels to crawl through and small hurdles to jump over. You can build simple balance beams with 2×4 lumber. These kinds of activities stimulate problem-solving skills in a fun recreational way.

Getting kids outside and active over the summer is important for their health, development and creating cherished family memories. With some simple games and activities, you can make physical activity and bonding with loved ones a priority.

Additional Tips From Kids Activity Experts for Encouraging Physical Play

As kids activity experts, here are a few additional tips to get your children up and moving this summer:

Lead by Example

Kids often mimic their parents’ behaviour, so lead an active lifestyle yourself. Go for walks or bike rides as a family, play sports together, or just run around outside. Let your kids see you making fitness a priority in your own life.

Limit Screen Time

While technology certainly has its benefits, too much screen time reduces physical activity and outdoor time. Set some limits around phone, tablet and TV use each day and encourage your kids to get outside instead.

Provide Options

Give your kids plenty of choices for physical play so they don’t get bored. Things like jumping rope, playing hopscotch, riding scooters or bikes, playing catch or Frisbee, setting up obstacle courses, gardening, etc. Let them help pick the activities and they’ll be more likely to participate.

Make it Fun

Kids are more apt to get moving if physical activity seems exciting and playful rather than forced. Put on some music while doing activities, play games that get them active like Simon Says or Follow the Leader, or create friendly competitions to make fitness more fun.

Offer Rewards and Praise

Provide your kids with verbal encouragement and small rewards when they participate in physical activities. Things like giving them a high five, praising their efforts, letting them pick out a small toy or treat, or giving them extra screen time. Positive reinforcement can go a long way toward building good habits.

The most important thing is making physical activity a family priority and part of your daily summer routine. With your enthusiasm and support, your kids will get into the fitness habit in no time!

summarise our article content to wrap up our discussion

We’ve given you lots of ideas for physical activities to keep your kids active this summer. Now it’s time to put those plans into action! The key is making physical activity a daily habit and part of your family’s regular routine.

  • Encourage your kids to choose activities they enjoy so they’ll want to do them often. Let them invite friends over to join in – the more the merrier! Activities like swimming, biking, playground games are always more fun with friends.
  • Set limits for screen time and indoor activities to motivate your kids to get outside. For example, no more than 2 hours of TV or video games per day.
  • Lead by example and be physically active yourself. Play with your kids, join in games, go for walks together. Kids often mimic parents’ habits, so model an active lifestyle.
  • Make suggestions for activities to do and be ready to join in at a moment’s notice. Keep sports equipment, games, toys, and craft supplies on hand for impromptu activities.
  • Offer rewards and positive reinforcement to keep your kids motivated. Verbal praise, special treats, and rewards for meeting activity goals will encourage them to continue making good choices.
  • Most of all, make physical activity a family affair. Bonding over shared interests in sports, games, and outdoor recreation will build memories that last for years to come. Developing healthy habits together and having fun at the same time – that’s what summer is all about!

In summary, the keys to keeping kids active this summer are making physical activity a daily habit, choosing enjoyable activities, limiting screen time, leading by example, being ready to join in spontaneous fun, offering rewards and praise, and bringing the whole family together. Follow these tips and your kids will get up and moving in no time!

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