Kapnan’s Minimalism ❤️❤️

My cousin Kalpana is an expert in minimalism. Here are some tips for minimalism i highly recommend

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If you have to be in touch with your core self in order to remove debris. Otherwise how will you know what is the debris and what is you? For example Kalpana had a rule about only having things in her house/possession that you truly love. That is a great idea! This benefits you because then everything you interact with either in the daily act of living (e.g. washing the dishes etc) or when just enjoying your space will lift you up! Do you see how it’s literally possible to preprogram into your day joy?❤️


An online mentor I really like and plan to hire in the future is Ashley Stahl. She is an expert in career, personal motivation and being an entrepreneur. She does an exercise once a week where she has a cup of green tea (a drink she likes) and evaluates how well she did at living her values that week. For example, she writes down her values eg


Public Accomplishment

Let’s say these are her top 2 values, she then scores herself on a 1-10 as to how well she did that week. It’s important to realize that unless we’re clear on our values we will then be unable to have clarity on how we spend our time, our income etc.

While minimalism is taken all the way outward to have a clean outer living that suits you it’s impossible for this to occur in a valid way if you don’t clear the stuff underneath!

You are either building something fake like an Instagram cover that doesn’t reflect the reality or else you are building foundations on sand, e.g. you might have a pillow cover you genuinely like but if you don’t fix the stuff underneath you will lose your apartment etc 

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