The detailed allegations against Lord Anthony Tudor St John are listed in the context provided and include:

1.1 Failure to adhere to the Seven Principals of Public Life

1.2 Acting with moral uncertainty in the conduct of behavior

1.3 Not acting in personal honor and may have accepted an inducement as rewards for exercising parliamentary influence

1.4 Failure to register category three Interests in the House of Lords register

1.5 Failure to register category two interests in the House of Lords Interest

1.6 Committing fraudulent misrepresentation against the Crnkovic Family

1.7 Committing fraudulent misrepresentation against the Crnkovic Family in a phone call

1.8 Actions and behaviors affecting the public perception of how he discharges his public duties, including prejudice to human rights and causing extreme damage to the Crnkovic Family emotionally, psychologically, and financially.


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