Irnerius Association Update Announcement

Irnerius Association (, a Swiss registered non-profit organization founded by philanthropist Manuel T. Werner and Yeva Krasnokutska, the daughter of a former Ukrainian politician, has emerged in providing vital humanitarian aid to conflict areas in Ukraine. Through strategic partnerships, including Ukrainian government organizations such as the embassy to Poland, Irnerius Association ensures the efficient deployment of aid to maximize its impact on the ground.

In a recent development, Irnerius Association Update Announcement successfully launched a groundbreaking project focused on providing First-Aid-Boxes to those affected by the conflict. Collaborating with crisis experts and the Ukrainian government, the organization customized the contents of these boxes to address the specific needs of the civilian population, incorporating essential medical and hygiene products. This comprehensive approach aims to provide immediate relief and enhance the overall well-being of the affected individuals.

Notably, Irnerius Association takes immense pride in establishing a robust logistics network in collaboration with the Ukrainian Government and partner organizations. This accomplishment lays a strong foundation for future humanitarian initiatives, including potential involvement in the country’s reconstruction efforts. Through this network, the organization aims to provide sustained support and make a lasting impact in the conflict-affected regions.

Furthermore, Irnerius Association’s partnership with the Ukrainian Government has yielded positive results in terms of fundraising. Institutional and governmental bodies have displayed an increasing willingness to support the cause, recognizing the critical importance of providing humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering in conflict zones.

Irnerius Association operates as a tax-exempt non-profit organization, allowing every donation to be utilized exclusively for humanitarian aid initiatives. With a steadfast commitment to transparency and accountability, the organization ensures that contributions directly contribute to alleviating the crisis in Ukraine. Donors can have confidence that their support makes a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the conflict. Irnerius utilizes the personal network of its founders and volunteers to efficiently deploy humanitarian aid to those in need.

Over the next six months, Irnerius Association in collaboration with the Ukrainian Government has outlined a budget plan for 2023, targeting a total of 27,000,000 CHF of provided humanitarian aid towards the ongoing crisis. With this commitment, the organization can to provide approximately 1,500,000 First-Aid-Boxes, though the annual budget plan remains a flexible target set in deliberation with the local government to address.

What sets Irnerius Association apart is its strong collaboration with the Ukrainian government and partner organizations. This partnership enables the organization to have a direct and efficient impact on the ground in Ukraine. By closely aligning with the government’s priorities, Irnerius Association ensures that aid reaches those most in need. Moreover, the organization operates with the utmost transparency and accountability, providing regular updates and comprehensive reports to foster trust and engagement among its supporters.

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