India’s Leading Suture Manufacturing company By Orion Suture

Orion Suture is one of the leading Suture manufacturer in India. We also export and supply our products across the globe—our products include Absorbable sutureNon Absorbable Suture, Polypropylene Mesh and Bone wax. We are a globally recognized company that provides top-quality products with committed delivery.

Our product has always been user friendly, and we also have a bulk manufacturing capacity of around 100,000 dozen per month and demand from our clients. However, our sutures are the surgeon’s choice for safe wound closure. With strict quality control, and have become recognized as the best suture manufacturer in India.

Most hospitals prefer our product as we reduce the cost of healthcare to patients through the most affordable and ideal price and strategy. We are one of the top-quality companies based out of Bangalore, and we ensure smooth business operations.

We also do private labelling and contract manufacturing. We offer products with our exclusive dealer details mentioned on them for specified products. We offer a manufacturing facility for Merchant exporters across India and overseas clients.

Over the past two decades, we have established ourselves as a robust and reliable entity, successfully selling our branded products to national and international clients under private labels. We have certifications, including ISO, EN, CE, and WHO GMP, which attest to our adherence to global quality standards.

 We also sell one of the top quality products with recognized national and international standards. We are an experienced and devoted staff member with experience in the qualifications by the regulatory authority. We also are reliable business partners. Our suture packing material and surgical suture products are highly beneficial and essential.

Different kinds of sutures are available, including Absorbable sutures like polyglycolic acid sutures, polyglactin 910 sutures, poliglecaprone sutures, and many others. In non-absorbable sutures, we offer polypropylene sutures, Black-Brained silk sutures, etc. We provide the supreme product and are one of the leading surgical suture manufacturers.

Hence, we are one of the leading  suture manufacturing company in India. We have tried to give our clients one of the supreme products through a dealer network in every state in India since 2000. Our presence to meet all your demands for sterile surgical or non-surgical sutures is a top quality product and Indian no1 manufacturing company with a high revenue generation.

And export in more than 50 countries like Italy, England, Iraq, etc. Orion Suture is the best deal if you want a one-stop solution for a Suture Manufacturing company in India with a high-quality suture in the medical industry and one of the surgeons and client-based product manufacturers.

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