In 6 Easy Steps, You Can Repair the Chips in Your Granite Countertops

In 6 Easy Steps, You Can Repair the Chips in Your Granite Countertops

For this project, you’ll need a razor, some sandpaper or steel wool, granite polish or sealer, and an ammonia-based cleanser, masking tape, thick superglue, or transparent epoxy.

Step 1: First, clear the dirt and debris surrounding the chip.

Step 2: Mask off the chip area with tape.

Step 3: Patch the chipped area with superglue or epoxy.

Step 4: Wait for at least a day

Step 5: Use a razor to remove any surplus filling

Step 6: Polish and seal

The granite counter surface in your kitchen or bathroom might be the focal point of your home. You probably spent a lot of time and energy picking the perfect color and pattern. It just takes one misstep to drop a big object, and you will ruin the whole surface of your exquisitely costly and carefully chosen countertop. But you shouldn’t get crazy over a chip. If the chip isn’t too big, you can tackle the process yourself, even if you usually hire a professional to repair granite countertop.

Equipment Necessary

The intention is to use a glue or epoxy mixture to fill the chip. After the mixture has dried completely, you may scrape it away to reveal a smooth surface that is indistinguishable from the rest of your granite countertop. There’s no need to go to great lengths to track down the materials you’ll need; you probably already have most of them lying about the house. You can do it with only an ammonia-based cleanser, masking tape, strong superglue or clear epoxy, razor, sandpaper, steel wool, granite polish, or sealer.

How to Fix a Crack in a Granite Countertop

Following the instructions below will help you repair the chip in your granite countertop now that you have the right tools.

Free of Contamination or Other Disturbance

After using the cleanser on the area around the chip, let it dry completely. You must take this precaution to avoid contaminating your repair with dirt and dust. Remove any plates, appliances, and other items off the countertop before beginning to clean it.

Stamp Your Area

Mask off the region surrounding the chip with the tape. This method may achieve a smoother finish, and the sealer will protect the unchipped region from adhesive.

Fill it up (Carefully)

Superglue the chipped area carefully until the liquid is flush with the surface. Do this slowly so as not to overfill the chip.

Wait until it dries

After applying glue, you must wait at least 24 hours for it to cure completely. This step is significant because the surface of the glue may be damaged if touched before it dries, and glue can spread beyond the chipped area. You may take off the protective tape after the adhesive has dried. (Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines if you use a hardener spray made particularly for granite countertops; it will help set the glue and reinforce the area surrounding the chip repair.)

Remove the Extra

Time to tidy the area, so the patch blends in with the countertop. It would be best if you held the razor blade at an angle to the counter. Make use of the top of the counter as a level. Carefully scrape the area to remove the adhesive. 

Buff, Shine, and Protect

It’s time to make sure the mended chip blends in with the rest of your granite counter’s beautiful shine. We recommend using sandpaper or steel wool to buff the area. Use finishing sandpaper to add a little extra polish if necessary. Use a granite polisher or sealer as the last step to bring out the stone’s natural shine and protect it from further damage.

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