Hybrid mediation from East Mediation

Members of Resolution are dedicated to keeping disputes that develop between couples during a breakup out of court. Hybrid mediation is one method our members use to accomplish this. The best aspects of civil and family mediation are combined in hybrid mediation.

What are the differences with hybrid mediation?

A single or a combination of the following are used in hybrid mediation:-

To deal with complex and challenging issues, the mediator may involve other family specialists and experts, such as accountants, valuers, independent financial advisers, psychiatrists, and independent social workers.
In complex and challenging matters, the mediator may consult with and enlist the assistance of the parties’ solicitors.
By using shuttle mediation, where the mediator spends time with each party separately, it is possible to thoroughly explore the concerns and settlement suggestions.

What are the advantages of hybrid mediation?

  1. When there are safeguarding concerns and when one party does not feel comfortable being in the same room or on the same Zoom screen as the other, hybrid mediation can be especially beneficial.
  2. It allows each side to thoroughly discuss choices with the mediator without feeling like they have overcommitted.
  3. Other experts are able to use their expertise, information, and solutions, which improves the overall process’s knowledge and increases the likelihood that workable, equitable settlements will be reached.
  4. Before any legal action is considered, hybrid mediation from East Mediation can be used. It can also be used if a couple is already in court but wants to reach a settlement outside of the process to avoid the stress, delays, and expenses of legal action.

What are hybrid mediators?

In order for hybrid mediators to use both family and civil mediation strategies and procedures, they have undergone specialised training with Resolution. A hybrid mediator can be more adaptable and creative with the participants thanks to the training.

What type of cases are suitable for hybrid mediation?

A separated couple can use hybrid mediation to resolve difficulties involving money, kids, or even both. The quantum of maintenance, how assets are divided upon separation, longer-term child support, and how pension assets are handled are all financial concerns that can be resolved in a hybrid mediation context, frequently with the help of other expert input. Hybrid mediation can assist couples in deciding where the children will reside and how much time they will spend with each parent, as well as other matters like schooling and domestic and international relocation.

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