How to Write the Perfect Job Advert for Contract Workers

Is writing a job advert to attract contractors an art or science? Both? The answer to this question will differ depending upon your own personal view. While individuality is important to incorporate into a job advert from the vantage point of making your company stand out, there are rules to follow.

Be Honest About Benefits

Much discussion is often given to listing the benefits and while you do need to let potential candidates know what perks they are in store for at your company, you should not promise too much. If you list benefits from memory that no longer exist, a highly qualified candidate will be dismayed to discover what they perceive as a lie. Remember, contract recruitment necessitates attracting people who have, by definition of being contract workers, had experience working with many different organisations.

Experienced candidates know the hiring process is a two-way street better than a humble graduate. Confident candidates in high demand for temporary roles and contract work will check what the benefits are at your company (both literally and philosophically speaking, from their own perspective) so make sure you double-check the finer print before posting the position online. Don’t be tempted to skip the fact-checking because of your own perspective as to what’s the most important.

Read From a Candidate’s Perspective

The first time you read back your job advert, you will be reading from the perspective of an employer seeking high value contract candidates. After you do this however, a good trick is to review the advert from the perspective of a job seeker to see if the ad would appeal to you. We’ve all been job hunting before, so we know what we’re looking for. Try to imagine you know nothing about your company and see if you have articulated your history, goals, and job requirements well.

Once you’ve created an effective job advert, get in touch a contract recruitment agency to see how they can help you to find the right candidates for your business.

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