How to use psychic development to enhance your workout routine

We can all use psychic development to impact our workout  routine; this will help you choose moves specifically for you. The body’s natural intuition should be your guiding force in all areas of life! Here’s 3 tips.

1) Yoga

Lay on a mat and feel into your body. How does the body intuitively start to move. Rather than comparing yourself to anyone else let your moves develop naturally. They don’t have to resemble anyone elses .❤️❤️❤️

2) Intuitive scent

Just as some people use lavender for sleep, an intuitive scent can help you get in the mod for exercise! You can pick fir for fir trees or lemon on citrus for an energetic boost! You can diffuse this scent into your room with a diffuser or order essential oils and place them on the skin.

3) People

Who do you love? Do you want to workout around them? Picking up the energy of people you like and love and/or finding an energetic class can help. In one of Thailand’s largest parks Lumphini they have public dance every day. As the new age unfolds there will be more and more of this.

Also use your intuition to shape your diet, sleep routine etc as these all impact your exercise.

Much Love,


Anna is a psychic operating online. To book a reading visit ❤️

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