How to Properly Use Header Tags in Your Content

Using proper headers in your website posts does a lot more than just help the reader navigate. The most used search engines online all require proper formatting for your post. Header 1, Header 2, and Header 3 tags should be used throughout your post and should be used properly.

Header 1’s

This type of header should only be used once in your post. This is the title of your post or article. This is basically what your entire post is about.

Header 2’s

These are the main categories in your article. If you remember creating outlines and grade school, these would be the ones marked with capital Roman letters. It’s a good idea to at least have a couple in each of your posts.

Header 3’s

These are used to outline main points under your Header 2. You can use as many of these as you like but don’t get crazy. In general, it’s a good idea to have at least a couple header threes beneath Your Header 2’s.


You want your article to be  at the very minimum 250 words. 500 Words is the industry standard. 750 or more words is exemplary. Make sure your content is fleshed out fully and the reader understands what you are trying to say.


Has this article made sense to you? Was I able to get my main thoughts across? Do you understand exactly what I was saying? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself when writing a post online.

And this very opposed we used a minimum of 250 words, header one and header to tags, and a conclusion paragraph. This should be the minimum that you shoot for.

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