How to export contacts from Telegram

Since Telegram is a popular messenger, a wide range of people’s communication may be done through this messenger. For this reason, there should be a large number of people you are in contact with in the contact list of this messenger. Sometimes you don’t have these contacts which in the Telegram list in the contacts section of your phone. In this article, we are going to explain to you the importance of exporting and collecting the information of these people and why some of these people are on the list of Telegram contacts but are not saved on your phone. So, if you are asking yourself “ How can I export telegram contacts ” it is better to stay with us and read the whole of this article.

Why is it important to store and collect Telegram contact information?

Storing and collecting Telegram contact information is important for two reasons.

  1. The first reason is that you do not have these people saved in the contacts section of your phone, and if you collect the numbers of these people from Telegram, you can also save them on your phone.

How do you have these people in Telegram, but they are not stored in the contacts section of your phone?

You may not have their number on your phone for three reasons.

  • Maybe your phone’s contact list has been deleted by mistake and you no longer have access to any numbers.
  • It is possible that the numbers of these people were stored in the phone’s memory, and by changing the phone or resetting the previous phone, the numbers of your contacts were also deleted.
  • Sometimes a person who has your number but you do not have his number may message you on Telegram. In this case, a section named (Add to Contacts) will appear on the top of his chat page. If you tap on it, you can save that person in the Telegram contact list section. But this does not mean that it will be saved in your phone contacts. Therefore, there may be contacts in Telegram that are not saved in the contacts section of Telegram.
  1. The list you prepare may be needed later.

For example, for business advertising, you may want to use these people. Suppose you have a Telegram account that you created to work and communicate with customers. In this case, many people may be in your Telegram contacts. Therefore, having a list of these contacts’ information can be very important. Because these people were either your customers in the past or were related to your business account for any reason. For this reason, they are either interested in your business or need your content, services, and products. In this case, using these contacts to advertise and introduce your products will also help you in business growth.

How can you save Telegram contacts?

To extract and save the information of these contacts, you must go to the Contact List section of Telegram, and by clicking on the profile of each of them, copy and save the phone number and ID of each one. But if you do this for a large number of contacts, it will certainly be difficult and time-consuming. So, you have to choose another way to do this. We suggest you use the bot to save Telegram contacts in Excel. In the next section, we will introduce the bot for saving Telegram contacts in Excel.

Introducing the Bot for Storing Telegram Contacts in Excel

This Bot is designed and programmed to automatically log into your Telegram account, go to the Contact List section, enter the contacts’ profiles one by one, and copy information such as their number, ID, and name. Saves in Excel. It starts from the first contact and does it until the end of the number you specified for it.


In this article, we discussed the importance and how to save and collect the information of Telegram contacts. As we said, sometimes you may need to have a list of your Telegram contacts. Because you may not have their numbers in your contact list for various reasons, or you may need a list of your target contacts for advertising purposes and sending bulk messages. In the end, we concluded that it will be very time-consuming and difficult to do all these steps to copy and save the information of Telegram contacts manually in large numbers. So, the best way is to use tools such as the bot to save Telegram contacts in Excel.

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