How can AI tools improve your web designs?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced web designer, AI web design tools can accelerate website creation and open up fresh opportunities for your web projects.

If you’re looking to employ this cutting-edge technology for web creation, the web design agency in London has got you covered. This guide will walk you through the diverse AI web design tools and their practical uses.

Best AI Web Design Tools in 2023

●      DALL·E 2

●      Jasper AI Art

●      Canva

●      Human Generator

●      Uizard

●      Fontjoy

●      AppyPie

1. DALL·E 2

Let’s talk about DALL·E 2, a product offered by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. This AI web design tool helps you create realistic images from a text description. One exciting feature of DALL·E 2 is that it generates original imagery, providing an authentic touch to your website. Notably, DALL·E 2 produces images with 4x resolution compared to the original tool launched in 2021.

Apart from image generation, this tool allows you to expand images beyond their original size, a process known as “outpainting.” It also enables realistic photo editing, known as “inpainting.” DALL·E 2 can even create image variations in different styles.

2. Jasper AI Art

This spectacular AI web design tool creates images and artwork quickly, making it an excellent choice for designers looking for original visuals without the need to invest a lot of time. Jasper AI creates images that are of high quality, boasting a resolution of 2K pixels, and they come without any watermarks. Plus, you can generate as many as you like, and they are free to use for commercial purposes.

Using Jasper AI is incredibly easy. To begin, describe the image you’d like to see and select your preferred style. Then, like magic, the tool will produce the artwork for you.

3. Canva

For years, many web designers have embraced Canva as a valuable part of their toolkit. Canva provides a treasure trove of templates that make crafting social media, web, and diverse graphic designs a breeze. What’s even more exciting is that Canva has recently introduced several AI-powered features that are winning over creators. These features include Magic Design, Magic Erase, Magic Replace, and Magic Edit. Thanks to these nifty tools, you can seamlessly swap backgrounds, incorporate additional design elements, and much more.

If you’re someone with limited design knowledge, Canva is your best friend. It lets you effortlessly create templates for any media using a straightforward text prompt. Whether you’re looking to whip up eye-catching infographics or other graphic elements for your website, Canva has your back. Plus, they offer a free plan that allows you to test drive their AI web design tool. However, if you’re eager to unlock the full potential of Canva, you can upgrade to a Pro license, which comes at a reasonable monthly cost of around £12.99 per person.

4. Human Generator

Human Generator, an exciting AI web design tool, empowers users to craft a diverse array of AI-generated humans. What sets it apart? The remarkable ability to create unique individuals spanning different ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. Moreover, you can effortlessly superimpose real faces onto these AI-generated bodies, adding that personal touch.

This tool goes even further by offering a myriad of body customisation options. Explore over 115 ethnicities, choose from more than 20 hairstyles, and experiment with various poses. That’s not all – you can pick from a vast selection of clothing styles and over 30 background settings. To make your creations even more personal, Human Generator allows you to refine every detail using simple, user-friendly prompts. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to create or modify human imagery with the power of AI.

5. Uizard

As a professional web designer, creating the mockup is one of the most time-consuming yet crucial parts of the process. It lets you showcase your vision to clients without spending countless hours designing a site they might not like. It is where Uizard comes to the rescue. Uizard empowers you to produce mockups, wireframes, and prototypes using a text prompt. You can effortlessly transform your sketches, screenshots, or a URL into editable designs within minutes.

One of Uizard’s standout features (currently in beta) is the Autodesigner tool. With this AI web design tool, you can generate a design based on a series of text inputs that describe the project, design style, or keywords. Then, you can select the relevant options like a light or dark theme, modern or corporate style, and more. Using a text prompt to create a mockup is an excellent way to ignite your creativity and get a head start on the design process.

6. Fontjoy

Let’s dive into FontJoy, a magnificent tool that simplifies font pairing. FontJoy employs the power of deep learning to create captivating font combinations that catch your eye. What sets this AI web design tool apart is its user-friendliness.

When you discover a font you really like, you have two options: lock it in place or hit the edit button. With the edit button, you can manually choose fonts and see how they work together. You can also tweak the text to see how your organisation’s name looks in that font. And if you’ve already got a favourite font but want to find others that complement it, this tool has your back. Just select your preferred font, and you can explore complementary options.


AppyPie, an exceptional choice for those seeking a no-code AI platform, offers a solution that bridges the gap. With AppyPie, you can easily create websites and mobile applications while streamlining and speeding up your workflow. Additionally, the company provides numerous design tools that simplify building your website.

This platform doesn’t stop there. It features an AI text-to-image generator and a photo enhancer, and it also comes with an avatar creator, animation generator, music composer, video maker, and voice synthesiser. There’s so much to appreciate about this incredible platform.

Main Advantages of Employing AI for Website Design

The use of AI in website design brings countless advantages that go beyond just following web design trends. Here is why AI tools are so helpful:

1. Assists design cost-effectively

For instance, AI image generators create lifelike pictures for your website, saving the cost of hiring an artist or buying stock images.

2. Makes web design easy for beginners

Free AI website builders allow you to create a complete website even if you do not know how to code.

3. Enhances design using data-driven insights

AI tools powered by machine learning (ML) can examine websites to find areas for improvement. It is specifically helpful for business websites or online eCommerce stores to boost sales.

4. Speeds up the website-building process

Professional web designers use AI tools to automate tasks, saving time. It lets them concentrate more on the creative side of their work.

  Why Should You Choose AI Website Design Tools?

AI website design tools have gained popularity for countless reasons. Firstly, they significantly diminish the need for manual effort, simplifying the website design process. In 2010, if you wanted a unique graphic, you had to create it manually. Fast forward to 2023, and things have transformed. AI tools can now help you with some of the work. It’s important to note that while these tools are quite handy, they’re not flawless, so you may still need to be involved in certain parts of the creation process.

Moreover, AI website design tools excel at reducing the repetitive manual tasks necessary to optimise your images for the web. Besides, if you’re facing difficulties starting your design or require creative inspiration, AI tools can bridge that gap effectively.

Undoubtedly, it’s worth acknowledging that using AI does have its downsides, but when it comes to designing your website, it can really make a positive impact.

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