Healing prayer ministry

What Is Healing Ministry?

A wonderful result in the Holy Spirit movement of the healing prayer ministry is when someone or a group of people begin to experience the joy of the promises that are found in the baptism of the Holy Spirit that is presented to us in Acts 1:4-8. 

At this moment, we’re bought to a place of participation with Jesus Christ in order to minister healing to the nations. The transformation begins in your own neighborhood, congregation, or group by the same power of the Holy Spirit as manifested by the actions of you and others. 

Healing ministry is an important element in a healthy church. 

This ministry brings wholeness to the church in Christ, bringing the people out of the depths of despair and brokenness. 

Healing Ministries Can Be Expressed Via:

Leading others in asking for restoration and forgiveness in Christ.

Faithfulness in working with elders to pray for those who are sick.

Via the intense work of the specialty teams who pray for the healing ministry.

Your church may have special healing services or a healing worship service that focuses on the theme of healing through the ministry of Jesus. Many services even have prayer teams that take appointments for a healing session where trained individuals pray for those who set up the appointments. 

What Happens In Healing Ministry?

Those who participate in healing ministries are instruments of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, who chose to serve. Their work is done with prayer and love. It’s not a counseling session. It’s not an advice session. Instead, it’s an intentional walk with the healing team to close the distance between an individual and Jesus Christ, who is already ready to heal the person seeking healing. In the healing ministry, the goal isn’t to solve problems; instead, it is to walk the person through the healing process via prayer and ministry to help them discern what God wants for them in life. 

Start With Healing Ministry Team

Previously, God has anointed specific individuals with the gift of healing. Frequently, these were pioneers of the healing movement. But, without denial, these people are gifted individuals who have finely tuned their spirits to listen to the Holy Spirit to operate a healing ministry within their church. 

Six Healing Ministry Areas

Healing restores our relationship with the Father, God. It brings us to the kingdom of God. It’s Jesuss’ priority in the healing ministry. 

Restoration brings inner healing and freedom from the wounds of our sins as we commit them and others commit them against us. 

Relational healing brings with it the ability to forgive and reconcile in our relationships, both family and friendships, and all nations. 

The physical healing gives a foretaste of the mighty resurrection of Jesus Christ in our bodies as they’re restored to complete fullness in health. 

Jesus’ work removes the evil spirits that have gained footholds via our sin and blocking of the advancement of the Kingdom of God to all dimensions of our reality. 

Healing brings to us the creation that God set forth in the beginning for dominion over all the earth. It begins the healing effects of the Fall and brings us toward the ultimate goal of a New Heaven and a New Earth.

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