Get Ready for Winter and Protect Your Plumbing

Winter is right around the corner and cities all across Washington state are starting to prepare. The city of Renton’s street maintenance crew has already begun their annual winter prep by conducting dry runs of snow plow routes and ensuring that their team is ready to leap into action once the snow or ice hits the roads. Even though Fall just started, it’s never too early to start thinking about preparing your own home for cold weather and potentially freezing temperatures. 

When it comes to prepping your home for Winter, it’s wise to start by identifying which items require the most attention and which areas of the home should take priority. More often than not, that would mean the home’s plumbing system. Plumbing pipes, fixtures, and similar appliances can be particularly vulnerable to winter weather if they aren’t properly maintained. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to preparing your Renton plumbing system for the upcoming season change, here are a few areas that you can focus on.

Insulate Pipes

If it gets cold enough and especially if your plumbing pipes are exposed to the elements,  plumbing pipes are at risk for freezing during the winter. Freezing causes a build up of pressure inside of the pipes and can cause the pipes to crack. Even if the cracks are small, they can still cause massive amounts of damage and flooding because of all of the built up pressure. The best way to protect your home and your plumbing pipes is to ensure that they are properly insulated. Use plastic or insulation to wrap your pipes and keep them protected during the winter. Even miscellaneous items such as a newspaper would work if you were in a pinch and needed something quick. 

Let Your Faucets Drip During Freezing Snaps

Did you know that letting a small and continual stream of water drip out of your faucet during a freezing snap can help keep your pipes from freezing? The steady stream of water helps to relieve any built up pressure inside the pipes and keeps the water flowing. It’s best to keep the water streaming until the cold spell is over and it’s no longer freezing outside. While the idea of leaving your faucet running sounds wasteful, it can be beneficial in the long run if your pipes are uninsulated or prone to freezing every year. In any case, a burst pipe caused by freezing temperatures could end up leading to costly damages and repairs and would be significantly more expensive than a few extra gallons of wasted water. 

Detach Hoses From Outside Spigots

Another best practice of Winter plumbing preparation is to disconnect hoses or any other attachments from your outdoor spigots. Leaving a hose connected to the outdoor faucet during the Winter increases the chances that your pipes will freeze. Any water that’s left inside the hose could freeze and cause the pipes connected to the faucet to expand and crack. The freezing could also spread to other connected plumbing or pipes and lead to widespread damage if those pipes also burst or broke. 

Winter plumbing preparation is of the utmost importance and no one knows that better than the pros at Trusted Plumbing & Heating in Renton. As exceptional plumbing professionals with over 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry, they know what to expect when it comes to getting your plumbing ready for Washington Winters. Don’t wait before the weather gets too cold and it’s too late to protect your home and your plumbing from Winter weather. Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating today!

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