How have you ever wondered is it possible for art, technology, science, and culture can be united into a harmonious creation? There is nothing impossible in ArtScience Museum to create that magic. ArtScience Museum is the future world exhibition in Singapore with a stunning display of interactive digital installations that will engage and mesmerize both adults and kids.

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Here are 10 interesting areas at Art Science Museum that will give you the greatest experiences in visiting a museum.

Sketch Aquarium

This iconic digital iconic world installation will let you draw and create your own sea species on paper, then it will digitally scan them and watch them come to life in the aquarium.

Sliding Through the Fruit Field

This is a beautiful slide where visitors will be spoiled by the life-giving sunlight where we slide it, we will help flowers and fruits bloom and grow. It is believed that many children will enjoy playing here.

Transcending Boundaries

This installation is a space comprising of six digitally rendered natural environment artworks that will bring you to the magical and mesmerizing space to be in.

Sketch Piston

Sketch piston is an art installation where you can draw and tap the interactive screens with your fingers to create a symphony of interesting sounds.

A Table Where Little People Live

The unique table has little characters projected onto the table. Moreover, when we left the table, the little creature on the table will move around the environment. Then, when you place your hands on the table, the little people will interact with it.

Inverted Globe, Giant Connecting Block Town

The inverted globe is an interesting space where you use giant blocks to design and connect an evolving system of road, river, and railways to keep the ever-increasing traffic flowing smoothly on an overhead screen.

Light Ball Orchestra

In this area, we can actually roll large balls with multicolored lights in them and create

sounds while doing so. It will attract young audience to play along in this area.

Impermanent Life

This installation shows the situation when people create space and time according to the time that they were born. It depicts cherry blossoms blooming and scattering, playing out the cycle of life and death.

Sketch Town

The installation is a depiction of a fictitious town based in Singapore that includes recognizable landmarks, such as; the ArtScience Musem, the Merlion, and the Singapore flyer. In this area, you can use crayons and paper to draw buildings and vehicles, then scan them and see them added into the town on the screen. Moreover, you can also touch the objects on the screen like a car, for example, and it will follow the directions.

Crystal Universe

This place is created with over 170,000 LED lights, the enthralling artwork which you can walk through gives the illusion of stars moving in space.

The future world exhibition is one of the kind exhibition that kids and adults should visit at least once in their lifetime. Booked your ticket in advance with Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, and if you are visiting on a weekend and prefer more space and less crowd, try to visit the museum in the morning.

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