Fat Freezing Manchester

Fat freezing is a relatively new beauty treatment that helps clients reduce fat deposits in the body. After gaining FDA approval in 2010 the treatment has been quickly gaining in popularity across the world, with many clinics offering fat freezing treatment for fat deposits on the body and chin area. 

Fat freezing aims to reduce stubborn fat by cooling down specific areas of the body down to minus temperatures for a period of about 45 minutes, during which the fat cells start to crystallise. To achieve this a special machine is used by a trained clinician, with specialist handles fitted with cooling plates.

To prevent damage to the skin a special antifreeze membrane is used between the skin and the cooling plates. This is a water-gel based cloth that’s applied to the skin of the treatment area before the treatment.

With fat freezing an entire area is frozen, such as the flanks, however only the fat cells are damaged in the process. This happens as fat cells are more susceptible to cold than other cells in the body. Nerve, blood and other cells are able to survive in much lower temperatures and therefore aren’t damaged by the treatment. 

Once the fat cells begin to crystallise as a result of the freezing treatment these cells begin to die. As fat cells die, they slowly start to break down and the dead cells are cleared by the body’s natural processes. This is why results aren’t immediate, the client must wait approximately six weeks before they can experience the full results.

Fat freezing side effects have been discussed regularly. It’s a relatively safe and non-invasive treatment, but some side effects can occur. Minor side effects include bruising, numbness, minor aching, and lumping of the area for a number of days or sometimes weeks following the treatment. There is one side effect that can cause more concern; paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. Research shows that this rare side effect can occur in 1 in 4,000, or 1 in 20,000 (depending on the research) clients that undergo fat freezing treatment. A client that experiences hyperplasia will see the treatment area increase in size, not decrease, and the only treatment that can resolve this is liposuction.

At Fat Freezing Manchester, a clinic specialised in fat freezing and ultrasound cavitation, clients can undergo treatment knowing all safety protocols are followed. Safety and wellbeing come first.

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