Exploring the Best Fabrics for Women’s Shorts

Design: High-waisted, paper bag style shorts with an elasticated waist and inseam pockets. Format: PDF digital download in A0, A4, or US letter size with illustrated instructions included.

The physio-mechanical characteristics of denim, such as tensile and tearing strength, GSM, initial modulus, bending length, flexural rigidity, and drape co-efficiency, were evaluated. The fabric exhibited balanced drapability and good breathability.

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Denim is a classic fabric perfect for those who love a rugged look. It’s thick, sturdy, and breathable when worn in cooler weather. You’ll want to pair it with a lightweight tee or a button-down shirt. For more casual occasions, a patterned shirt can also elevate your outfit.

A suitable fabric is critical to comfortable, relaxed shorts for women. For example, a linen-cotton blend like this 17s single-ply twill is a good choice for warmer weather. The slubby texture gives it a rugged feel, while the cotton adds a softness and breathability. This fabric is also Bluesign® certified so that you can feel good about your purchase.

This high-waisted pattern is designed for medium to heavy-weight woven fabrics with or without stretch. Try it in a quilting cotton, suiting fabric, or chambray. You can also use viscose or rayon for a drapey finish. The fit is flattering, and the style includes front pleats and belt loops. It’s easy enough for a beginner to sew, but it’s better suited for intermediate sewists because of the fitted waistband and the fly front view with double button closure. Sizes range from US 00 to 36.


Denim is a sturdy & strong cotton fabric that’s often used for jeans, pants, jackets & structured skirts. Its twill weaves create diagonal lines across the surface, which helps to give denim a unique texture and appearance that many people love. Denim is also an excellent choice for women’s shorts because it has good opaqueness, which can help avoid accidental peep shows!

Linen is another popular option for summer apparel, and it can be an elegant choice for women’s dressy shorts. Like cotton, linen is breathable and moisture-wicking, which can help keep you cool and comfortable during hot weather. However, one of the main differences between linen and cotton is that linen tends to wrinkle a lot more than cotton does.

You can always consider using a polyester blend for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of ironing their linen shorts. Polyester is a synthetic fiber often blended with cotton to make it more durable and wrinkle-resistant.

Check out the women’s shorts sewing pattern if you want a fun pattern for your new lightweight fabrics. These shorts feature front slant pockets, an optional back pocket, a comfy knit waistband with encased elastic, and an optional drawstring. The pattern has illustrated instructions and can be downloaded as a PDF in A0, A4, or US copyshop format. This is an intermediate sewing pattern, so you’ll need some experience working with woven fabrics before trying it out.


Linen is another breathable option that’s ideal for warm weather. This classic textile looks polished yet relaxed and can be worn in various casual settings. However, it does wrinkle easily and requires special care to keep its look.

To get the most out of your linen shorts, follow the washing instructions on their tag. This will help ensure that your garments don’t shrink or fade and help you avoid over-washing them. Washing on cold or a delicate cycle, followed by air drying, is usually safe for linen.

When it comes to linen shorts, there are several different styles you can choose from. For example, try a pair of tailored linen shorts if you’re looking for something easy to dress up or down. These feminine styles feature a flattering high waist and pockets, making them an ideal vacation or everyday wear option.

Or go with a pair of baggy beach shorts made of linen. These loose-fitting styles are ideal for summer getaways, and they can be paired with any top and shoes to create a chic outfit that’s perfect for walking around town or relaxing on the beach. This style is available in various colors, so you’ll find a pair that complements your style.


If you’re looking for a more relaxed feel that’s also lightweight, check out knit fabric. A popular choice for activewear, knit fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you comfortable in hot weather or during a workout.

With a soft, stretchy cotton-lin blend, these women’s summer shorts would be perfect for relaxing at home or heading out on vacation with friends. The high-waisted silhouette with large box pleats on the front and back will keep you cool and comfortable, and the drawstring waist adds a bit of flair to your outfit.

Because this pattern calls for sewing and fitting skills, including curved hems and fitted waistband attachment, it is appropriate for intermediate sewers. It may be too challenging for a beginner, especially if you must familiarize yourself with techniques like inserting an invisible zipper and sewing a waistband.

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