Emirates Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Shyasin Nepal

Emirates Fashion Week in Dubai continues to captivate audiences with its March Fashion Shows, unveiling the most avant-garde trends for the fall-winter season of ’24-’25. This season, 26 visionary designers from around the globe showcased their creativity, igniting inspiration throughout the fashion industry.

The opening spectacle was graced by the illustrious Russian label, Alisia Fiori, helmed by the visionary designer Irina Sharova. Presenting 38 stunning looks, the collection epitomized chic everyday attire, leaving attendees in awe of its stylish allure.

A noteworthy highlight was the eco-conscious collection by the brand B.UEIS from Kazakhstan, championing sustainability while embracing style. Pioneers in utilizing recycled materials, B.Ueis showcased high-quality creations that reflect the essence of their cultural heritage.

BOULAS, a St. Petersburg-based brand, enchanted the audience with their sophisticated evening gowns, crafted in collaboration with esteemed designers. Each ensemble from the “Breath of Beauty” FW24/25 collection exuded femininity and refinement, captivating with its sheer magnificence.

Designer Elvira Basco presented a thematic collection that narrated captivating stories through intricate prints, showcasing unparalleled uniqueness and style.

A star-studded moment ensued during the opening show by Said Omary, featuring the enchanting actress and model Nadezhda Shanina, epitomizing the brand’s elegance and luxury.

The fusion of men’s fashion by the Polish brand Pako Lorente and the femininity of Devu created a world of opulence and sophistication.

Colibra, a jewelry brand, mesmerized with a breathtaking showcase where each ensemble was transformed into a masterpiece of jewelry art.

Suhaila Creation’s special Arabic cloaks epitomized luxury and refinement from Saudi Arabia’s upscale segment, enveloping wearers in an aura of elegance and style.

Icona-Stile’s hand-painted designs by artist Sorpresa transformed each outfit into a unique masterpiece, offering unparalleled aesthetic and individuality.

The debut of young talents infused excitement and freshness into the event. Collections by designers MayMar, Gayane, and Rita Kazazian charmed the audience with their irresistible allure.

Kibovskaya’s collection exuded Russian romance, captivating with its elegance and passion, while Aisha from Azerbaijan presented sophisticated evening dresses fit for little princesses.

Volskaya’s metallic shimmer added a touch of mystery and strength, while Feryal Al Khatteb’s Arabian elegance from Saudi Arabia showcased true artistry.

The dazzling showcase by Diani from Armenia continued to impress with its refined style, complemented by innovative corset solutions.

Chinara Yelmuratovna from Kazakhstan offered unique looks for little fashionistas, blending comfort and style seamlessly, while Alessandro Borelli and La Donna epitomized sophistication in every ensemble.

Tatiana Tuzova’s Barby collection brought vibrancy and playfulness to the fashion week, immersing attendees in a world of fashionable fantasy.

The grand finale by Russian designer Katerina Myachina celebrated the passion for fashion, embodying the FW24/25 trends with sheer elegance.

Featuring models from Diamond Models School UAE and Top Secret Russia, Emirates Fashion Week 24-25FW transcended mere fashion, emerging as a true artistic expression that inspires, excites, and beckons the exploration of new horizons in style and elegance.

Porterium Fashion Marketplace & Porterium Magazine from Monaco strategically provided support to Emirates Fashion Week and its roster of international designers.

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