Discounts on Rental Yacht: Understanding the Prices and Discounts Available

When it comes to renting a yacht, the prices you see on the price list of a charter company are based on a 7-day rental period, which is the minimum standard rental period. However, there are other rental periods such as 3-5 days and 8-10 days, but there are no established rules for these. Each charter company handles such requests and offers the conditions they deem fit.

Understanding Yacht Charter Discounts

Apart from the prices listed on the price list, almost all charter companies offer a discount system that reduces the final cost of the yacht rental. Here are some common discounts offered by most yacht charter companies:

Discount for Early Yacht Booking (5-15%)

This discount is available when you book a yacht no later than six weeks before the rental period’s start date. In other charter companies, the discount applies to bookings for the next season, and it’s valid until the end of December of the current year. Some companies, at their discretion, may extend this discount period until January or February.

Boat Show Discount (5%)

This discount is available during international yacht exhibitions. Charter companies that participate in these exhibitions offer this discount.

Discount for Long-Term Yacht Charter (5%)

When you rent a yacht for two weeks or more, you can get a 5% discount. The discount applies to each subsequent week separately.

Discount for Regular Customers (5%)

If you have booked a yacht with a charter company before, you can get a 5% discount for your next booking.

Last-Minute Discount (10-40%)

This discount applies when you book a yacht between four to one week(s) before the rental date. Although this discount is attractive, the downside is that your options for yacht selection are limited to those that are still available during that period.


Apart from the discounts mentioned above, charter companies may also offer special discounts on individual yachts and specific routes. It’s always advisable to check with the charter company for any discounts that may apply to your booking. By doing so, you may save a considerable amount on the rental cost of the yacht.

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