Discord Tips and Tricks All Users Should Know

The best Discord bot to block alt accounts. To make the most of Discord, use these tips and tricks.
One of the most popular chat programmes on the internet nowadays is Discord. What began as a service for gamers has amassed a remarkable array of features that have assisted in its expansion into other fields. Everyone uses the app today, including corporations and cryptocurrency investors.

Discord is easy to use, but if you know where to look, there is more to Discord than meets the eye. Here are some Discord hints and tips that every user should be aware of in light of that.

Special Discord Integrations

Discord offers some pre-built connections to other popular apps. To get the advantages, you simply need to turn on the connections.

There are 11 distinct apps supported in all. They are Xbox Live, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Twitch, YouTube, Blizzard Entertainment, and Battle.net. Each integration has different capabilities depending on the app. However, they all offer a method for directly syncing the information from the linked app into your Discord server.

Go to User Settings > Connections and click on the icons of the apps to configure Discord integrations from your desktop app.

Control Your Discord Notifications

If you participate in numerous Discord servers, your notification volume may quickly become unmanageable. It’s useless to open the app to find thousands of unread messages because you can’t possible process that much data.

Discord, thankfully, gives you granular control over your notifications. Your options can be changed at the server, channel, and user levels.

Go to User Settings > Notifications to change your general notification settings, including desktop messages and unread notification badges. Right-click on the server’s icon and choose Server Mute to disable alerts for the entire server. Finally, right-click on the name of the channel and select Mute if you only want to disable alerts for that particular channel.

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